Gocheer Bubble Machine, Helicopter Automatic Bubble Maker Machine To

【Child-Friendly, Safe & Portable Bubble Machine】The Bubble Machine Is Made Of Safe And Non-Toxic Abs Material, Durable And Rust-Proof; The Bubble Machine Body Has No Sharp Edges, Compact And Portable, So It’s 100% Safe For Kids And Toddlers. Moreover, The Ergonomic Handle Of The Automatic Bubble Machine Can Provide A Good Grip For Children..
【Perfect Gift For Kids】Every Kid Should Have Their Own Bubble Machine In Their Childhood, And Gocheer Bubble Machine Is A Perfect Gift Choice For Your Kids. This Bubble Machine Is Suitable For A Variety Of Occasions To Create A Joyful Atmosphere, Such As Parties, Birthdays, Stages, Weddings, Baby Showers, Parks, Backyards, Picnics, Etc..
【Super Easy To Play】Just Pour Some Bubble Liquid Into The Bubble Machine, Then Turn On The On/Off Button, It Will Start To Produce Bubbles. It Has No Complicated Steps And Is Super Easy To Use For Children. The Bubble Machine Is Powered By 4 Aa Batteries(Not Included)..
【Lasting Output Of Colorful Bubbles】Built-In 7 Bubble Wands And A Powerful Motor Can Make The Bubble Machine Provide More Than 2000 Colorful Bubbles Per Minute, And Let Kids In A Dream World. The Special Bubble Blower Design And The Two Included Bubble Wands Allow Your Family And Friends To Continuously Enjoy The Fun Of Bubbles..


Unique Cartoon Design, Stable & Durable Adorable & cool 3D helicopter Design will let kids cannot take their eyes off it. The bubble machine is designed with an absolutely stable structure, flat and supportive base makes the bubble machine work well without worrying about overflow and overturning. Lasting Output of Colorful Bubbles Built-in 7 bubble wands and a powerful motor can make the bubble machine provide more than 2000 colorful bubbles per minute, and let kids in a dream world. The special bubble blower design and the two included bubble wands allow your family and friends to continuously enjoy the fun of bubbles. Child-friendly, Safe & Portable Bubble Machine The bubble machine is made of safe and non-toxic ABS material, durable and rust-proof; the bubble machine body has no sharp edges, compact and portable, so it’s 100% safe for kids and toddlers. Moreover, the ergonomic handle of the automatic bubble machine can provide a good grip for children. Super Easy to Play Just pour some bubble liquid into the bubble machine, then turn on the ON/OFF button, it will start to produce bubbles. It has no complicated steps and is super easy to use for children. The bubble machine is powered by 4 AA batteries(not included). Perfect Gift for Kids Every kid should have their own bubble machine in their childhood, and Gocheer bubble machine is a perfect gift choice for your kids. This bubble machine is suitable for a variety of occasions to create a joyful atmosphere, such as parties, birthdays, stages, weddings, baby showers, parks, backyards, picnics, etc.

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