Gryffindor House Banner Set: Hogwarts Harry Potter Minifigures & Castle Collectible

A bewitching addition to any collection, this set features the well-known Gryffindor House Banner, radiating bravery and courage, synonymous with the popular house. Crafted with precision and detail, it’s designed to be a treasured collectible or an alluring display for your wall.

The set also includes meticulously designed minifigures of our beloved Hogwarts inhabitants, all set to inspire countless hours of fun and recreations of memorable scenes. Moreover, the magnificently modelled Hogwarts Castle, a feast for the eyes, is a perfect keepsake for any Harry Potter enthusiast.

Not only is this collection a captivating toy, but it also serves as a timeless collectible that embodies the heart and soul of the Harry Potter franchise.

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