HABA Basic Building Blocks 60 Piece Large Starter Set (Made in Germa

Shapes Are In Standard Measurements 1.75″ X 1.75″ And Compatible With All Building Systems From Haba..
Blocks Have Be Proven To Help Children Learn Spatial Reasoning And Help Foster A Healthy Imagination..
For Haba Responsibility Is Written In Capital Letters. Made Of Solid, Natural, Untreated Beech Wood That Comes From Sustainable Forestry In Germany..
Contents Include: 8 Square Blocks, 14 Rectangular Blocks, 16 Slats, 8 Triangles, 4 Bridges, 6 Columns, 4 Special Building Blocks And Sturdy Fabric Carrying Tote..


This Large 60 piece starter set from HABA is suitable for beginner to expert architects ages 1 – 8 years.Contents include: 8 square blocks, 14 rectangular blocks, 16 slats, 8 triangles, 4 bridges, 6 Columns, 4 special building blocks and sturdy fabric carrying tote.Shapes are in standard measurements 1.75 x 1.75 and compatible with all building systems from HABA.For HABA responsibility is written in capital letters. Made of solid, natural, untreated beech wood that comes from sustainable forestry in Germany.Blocks have be proven to help children learn spatial reasoning and help foster a healthy imagination.

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