Hama Maxi Beads Giant Gift Box

Brightly Coloured Beads.
Mess Free Play.
Unique Ironing System.
Encourages Creativity.


Improves Motor SkillsEncourages creativityBrightly coloured beadsUnique ironing systemMess free play

Gifts for 20-Something Girls – Coast to Coast

· These gift ideas are broken down into three categories. The first one is jewelry and crossbody bags. Katie said she would be happy to receive any or all of these. She really loves dainty rings and necklaces, and stackable beaded bracelets. Crossbody bags are super popular with women of all ages, and like Katie says, “you can never have too …

Made By A Fabricista: Cozy & Chic for the Holidays

· Made By A Fabricista: Cozy & Chic for the Holidays. By Fabric Mart Monday, December 13, 2021. Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love all things sparkly, glitzy, shiny and colorful – the lights, the fabrics, the décor, the gift wrap! These things together all make sewing around the holidays my favorite.

Made By A Fabricista: Animal Print for Winter

· For the fabric, I chose this very beautiful animal printed jacquard. It has the most beautiful colors of burnt orange, royal blue, black, tan, and shimmers of gold to make the print. I consider jacquard to be an easy fabric to work with, however, it can fray. To create the skirt, I used Simplicity’s pattern S9375 View A.

Made by a Fabricista: Two Cardigans and Five "Aha" Moments.

· Before jumping into that project, I made a sample with a flowery knit. Let me share my “aha!” moments with you. Aha moment #1: I am learning to appreciate patterns! I used to feel that the process (having to study the project, trace the pattern on paper, cut the paper and fabric) delayed my favorite moment: sitting on the machine and sewing!

Made by a Fabricista: My Fall Ensemble

· Fabric Mart happened to have on sale the mid-weight navy /light blue linen with abstract geometric print. Due to the hugely discounted price, I could sew a fall ensemble that would consist of a duster, a pair of pants, and a sheath dress for about $50.00. Vogue V1756 pattern by Sandra Betzina caught my attention.

Satin Covered Styrofoam Christmas Balls

· 119 – Christmas doesnt have to be limited to red and green. Vintage pink satin christmas balls 2 inch box of 12 styrofoam centers vintage crafting beading Christmas decorating. You can either leave the satin on or remove it and use the plain white Styrofoam ball. Take a look around in stores or the web during the Christmas season.

Made By A Fabricista: Winter Poncho

· This poncho sewing process was relatively easy and straightforward. I decided to omit the sleeves portion as it would have been too bulky to sew with the weight of the fabric. I made tassels using knitting yarns and attached it to the hem of the poncho. Since I had extra fabric left after cutting the poncho, I used the rest to cut a long chunky …

Mix: Based Bass – Noise Not Music

· Mix: Based Bass. Jack Davidson Mixes May 14, 2021. June 28, 2021. The double bass was actually the first instrument I ever properly learned how to play. For me it was simply a stepping stone to the electric bass guitar, but I still hold a deep appreciation for those who devote their lives to taming these giant wooden beasts, stretching their …

Gift Ideas for Mom at NOVICA! – Fun Learning Life

· See how you can shop Gift Ideas for Mom at NOVICA! Mother’s Day is right around the corner and before you know it, the holiday season will be here. If finding a gift for the special Mom in your life always seems to be a challenge or you are simply looking for a unique item, then it is about time to check out NOVICA .


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