Hippogriff Buckbeak and Sirius Rescue: Harry Potter Collectible Toy Set

Assembled with an immense eye for detail, this collector’s gem reflects the magic from the universe of Harry Potter. Modelled on the magnificent Hogwarts Castle, the set transports you to its iconic courtyard, replete with classic structures and spell-binding elements. But that’s not all. A major highlight of this set is the prison cell that recalls vivid scenes from the tale.

Revel in the audacious rescue of Sirius Black, made possible by the undying friendship and courage at the heart of the Harry Potter saga. The action figure of Sirius is meticulously designed, showcasing his defiant spirit and unique character traits.

Completing the set is the majestic creature from the wizarding world – Buckbeak the Hippogriff. This collectible features Buckbeak in all his glory, symbolising strength and loyalty. A detailed rendering of this magical beast makes it a must-have for any fan or collector.

Overall, this toy set is not just a collection of items but an embodiment of the magic, adventure and camaraderie that defines Harry Potter’s world.

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