Hot Wheels City Robo T-Rex Ultimate Garage, Multi-level Multi-Play M

Speed Down The Side-By-Side Racetrack From The Top Of The Parking Tower For A Thrilling Downhill Challenge With Big Air Jumps..
The Adventure Continues With Multiple Connection Points To Connect To Other Hot Wheels Sets (Sold Separately) And Create Your Hot Wheels City..
Featuring An Opportunity To Include Some Hot Wheels Id Action, Too. Plug In The Hot Wheels Id Portal (Sold Separately) To Scan A Car, Race Opponents, Escape From Robo T-Rex And Win.
Watch Out For The Hungry Robo T-Rex Looking To Devour Some Tasty Hot Wheels Vehicles..


Inspire hours of imaginative play with an enormous Hot Wheels garage a vertical tower with parking (easy storage) for more than 100 carsWatch out for the hungry Robo T-Rex looking to devour some tasty Hot Wheels vehicles.Speed down the side-by-side racetrack from the top of the parking tower for a thrilling downhill challenge with big air jumps.Featuring an opportunity to include some Hot Wheels id action, too. Plug in the Hot Wheels id Portal (sold separately) to scan a car, race opponents, escape from Robo T-Rex and winThe adventure continues with multiple connection points to connect to other Hot Wheels sets (sold separately) and create your Hot Wheels City.

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