iBaseToy Carnival Game – Bean Bag Toss Game for Kids & Adults, Carni

Storage And Durable: The Toss Bags With Two Shapes Are Strong Quality That Will Not Tear Open Easily. The Cones Are Soft And Hard That Will Play Last A Long Time. Comes With A Storage Bag That Will Carry Easily!.
Good Game For Exercise: This Bean Bag Toss Game Is A Good Companion For Training And Exercise. It Can Trains And Promotes Children’s Hand-Eye Coordination And Team Spirit As Well As Basic Math Skills While Playing These Fun Games..
Perfect Game For Any Activities: This Toss Game Set Is Bright And Colorful, Perfect For Any Activities, Such As Soccer, Football Games At Parties And Events, Birthday Party, Carnival Games, Garden Games, Summer Outdoor Games And More..
Big Size Carnival Toss Game: Made Of Fabric Material, Printed With Clown Pattern And Points, Our Toss Banner (55 X 31 Inch) Is Larger And More Attracted Than Other Brand. There Are 4 Holes And Come With Strings Which Made It Easy To Hang Up.


TOSS GAME SET: iBaseToy Carnival game set includes 12 Toss Rings, 10 Bean Bags, 6 Cones, 4 Strings, 1 Toss banner and 1 Storage bag, 30 pieces provide a variety of play, quantity enough to play with a group of friends!BIG SIZE CARNIVAL TOSS GAME: Made of fabric material, printed with clown pattern and points, our toss banner (55 x 31 inch) is larger and more attracted than other brand. There are 4 holes and come with strings which made it easy to hang upSTORAGE AND DURABLE: The toss bags with two shapes are strong quality that will not tear open easily. The cones are soft and hard that will play last a long time. Comes with a storage bag that will carry easily!PERFECT GAME FOR ANY ACTIVITIES: This toss game set is bright and colorful, perfect for any activities, such as soccer, football games at parties and events, birthday party, carnival games, garden games, summer outdoor games and more.GOOD GAME FOR EXERCISE: This bean bag toss game is a good companion for training and exercise. It can trains and promotes children’s hand-eye coordination and team spirit as well as basic math skills while playing these fun games.

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