Invisible Ink Pen, MALEDEN Upgraded Spy Pen Invisible Ink Pen with U

Halloween Party Goodies:Perfect For The Rsvp’s To Wedding Invitations;Goody Bags For Kids Spy Party;Make A Fun Party Favor;Great Goddie Bag Treat And Brings You An Amazing Variety Of Fun Applications.Birthday Gifts,Halloween Gifts,Christmas Presents For Kids And Friends( Individual Packed)..
Brand Guaranteed:Please Contact Us If There Is Any Question Or Problem,Our Professional Customer Service Team Is Always Here For You..
Permanent Fun:Batteries Included.Please Be Careful With Small Items:Children Above 3 Years..
Invisible Ink Pen:Harmless And Flavorless Ink,Healthy Toys For Your Children!Smooth And Colorful Disappearing Inks On T-Shirts,Paper,Skin And Any Surface!Permanent But Washable!.


Spy Pen:The ink is invisible after you write with it,unless you light on the cap blacklight to see the secret message perfectly.Invisible Ink Pen:Harmless and flavorless ink,healthy toys for your children!Smooth and colorful disappearing inks on T-Shirts,paper,skin and any surface!Permanent but washable!Halloween Party Goodies:Perfect for the RSVP’s to wedding invitations;Goody bags for kids spy party;Make a fun party favor;Great goddie bag treat and brings you an amazing variety of fun applications.Birthday Gifts,Halloween Gifts,Christmas Presents for kids and friends( Individual Packed).Permanent Fun:Batteries included.Please BE CAREFUL with small items:Children above 3 years.Brand Guaranteed:Please contact us if there is any question or problem,our professional customer service team is always here for you.

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