iPlay, iLearn 10pcs Baby Rattles Toys Set, Infant Grab N Shake Rattl

Variety Of Textures Will Assist In Tactile Development Of Touch, Taste And Smell. Numerous Sounds Will Expand Babies’ Sensory Experiences, Colors And Patterns Help Eye Tracking Skills..
Recommended Cleaning Method: Wipe W/ A Mixture Of Vinegar And Water (50/50). Don’t Clean Them W/ Steam, Or Soak In Water For Too Long..
Great Gift For Baby Showers, Suitable For Nursery Child Care – Easy To Clean And Store Hygienically In Their Own Container. Great Stroller Toy..
Each Rattle Has Different Grips, Shapes And Tasks To Assist In Fine Motor Skills..


10 Bright Primary colored Rattles/Teethers for different stages of baby s development.Each rattle has different grips, shapes and tasks to assist in fine motor skills.Variety of textures will assist in tactile development of touch, taste and smell. Numerous sounds will expand babies sensory experiences, colors and patterns help eye tracking skills.Great gift for baby showers, suitable for nursery child care – easy to clean and store hygienically in their own container. Great stroller toy.Recommended Cleaning Method: Wipe W/ a mixture of Vinegar and Water (50/50). Don’t clean them W/ steam, or soak in water for too long.

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In the past week alone she’s learned how to grab her own feet, shake a rattle, and babble-scream like some sort of irritable lemur. I love it. The first time your kid smiles something switches on in your brain and all the stress, money, and lost sleep is worth it. You can count on it for motivation, energy, and lots and lots of happiness. 18.

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· Shake Rattle & Boogie have gone virtual for lockdown aimed at babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.. Lot’s of content to view online and they have new classes every week for a small fee – details on website here.

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· Bearington’s “Baby Nick” plush toy is just six inches tall – the perfect size for Baby to grab and hold onto. Here is a plush Reindeer rattle for Baby to grasp and shake. Or perhaps Baby prefers a teddy bear rattle? The Bearington “Santa Snuggler” functions like a lovey security blanket. Happy Christmas shopping, Christmas Shopaholic

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· Here’s your chance to grab a simplified but FUN version of this Gorgeous Album! It includes 24 qty 12×12 Pages & Technique videos on You Tube of how to put them all together – Coming MARCH 4th! We will only be cutting a small set of these kits & there are a couple options to choose from.

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