Jacks Game with Ball -Retro Metal Jax Game and Pick Up Sticks Origin

Travel Friendly: It Comes With 12 Gold And Silver Metal Jacks With 2 Balls, A Dice, A Cloth Pouch And Wooden Pickup Sticks Original. Bring It Anywhere, Share The Fun To Your Family And Friends!.
Not Happy With Our Jacks Classic & Palitos Chinos Para Jugar?You Are Backed With Our 30-Days No Questions Asked Guarantee..
Giftable For All Occasions: Perfect For Birthday, Easter, Summer Break,Halloween And Christmas. Great For Pinata Fillers, Easter Baskets, Lootbags,Giveaways,Trick Or Treat And Stocking Stuffer..
More Family Time,Less Screen Time: Can’t Get Your Grandkid’s Attention? These Retro Jax And Ball With Original Pickup Sticks Will Keep Them Laughing And Encouraging Each Other All Day Long..


DOUBLE THE FUN: This gift set includes jack’s game with ball and wooden pick up sticks game Play these classic games and enjoy hours of fun and laughter with this old fashion game.MORE FAMILY TIME,LESS SCREEN TIME: Can’t get your grandkid’s attention? These retro jax and ball with original pickup sticks will keep them laughing and encouraging each other all day long.TRAVEL FRIENDLY: It comes with 12 gold and silver metal jacks with 2 balls, a dice, a cloth pouch and wooden pickup sticks original. Bring it anywhere, share the fun to your family and friends!GIFTABLE FOR ALL OCCASIONS: Perfect for birthday, Easter, summer break,Halloween and Christmas. Great for pinata fillers, easter baskets, lootbags,giveaways,trick or treat and stocking stuffer.Not happy with our jacks classic & palitos chinos para jugar?You are backed with our 30-days no questions asked guarantee.

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