JIMI Bey Battling Top Burst Gyro Toy Set 12 Spinning Tops 3 Launcher

🪐High-Quality Material & High-Performance Combat: Our Bey Battlings Tops Are Made Of Environmentally Friendly Abs Non-Toxic Material, Safe, Wear Resistant, Strong And Durable, Which Leads To Their High-Performance Combat..
🪐Must-Have Set & Fun Game: Our Gyro Set Is An Amazing Board Game For Family Time And Outdoor Activities, Since It Is Suitable For All-Age People And Multiplayer. Our Portable Storage Case Is Easy To Open And Lock, So That Kids Could Play At Any Time And Any Place..
🪐Benefits Of Battling Tops Game: This Is A Fantastic Educational Toy, Which Could Improve Kids’ Motor Skills, Increase Their Patience And Cultivate Their Competitive Awareness..
🪐Storage Box & Protective Foam: This Gyro Set Comes With A Firm Storage Box And Foam Pads Inside, Which Not Only Can Prevent The Battle Tops From Breaking During Transportation, But Also Make Your Storage More Easily And Orderly..


Multiple Pieces in Gift-ready Packing: This battling top set comes with 12 burst tops and 3 launchers, making children have more choices to play. They can also share the toy with friends which promote interaction between each other. It’s a great gift idea for kids aged 6+. Storage Box & Protective Foam: This gyro set comes with a firm storage box and foam pads inside, which not only can prevent the battle tops from breaking during transportation, but also make your storage more easily and orderly. High-Quality Material & High-performance Combat: Our bey battlings tops are made of environmentally friendly ABS Non-toxic material, safe, wear resistant, strong and durable, which leads to their high-performance combat. Benefits of Battling Tops Game: This is a fantastic educational toy, which could improve kids’ motor skills, increase their patience and cultivate their competitive awareness. Must-have Set & Fun Game: Our GYRO set is an amazing board game for family time and outdoor activities, since it is suitable for all-age people and multiplayer. Our portable storage case is easy to open and lock, so that kids could play at any time and any place.

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