JOYIN 22Pcs Kids Art Smocks and Painting Brush for Kids Includes 2Pc

Endless Fun. This Arts And Craft Set Will Increase Their Fine-Motor Skills And Bilateral Coordination, Kids Will Increase Their Sensory Skills As Well As Cognitive Thinking. This Will Also Boost Their Self-Confidence Levels, Kids Can Use As A Way Of Expressing Themselves And Communicating Their Feelings..
Customer Satisfaction. Providing A 100% Satisfaction Experience Is Our Main Priority To Our Customers. Feel Free To Message Us Through “Contact Sellers” If Products Don’T Meet Your Expectations. The Celebrations Start At Joyin!.
Premium Quality. Child Safe: Non-Toxic. Meet The Us Toy Standard. Safety Test Approved..
Unique Design & Easy To Use. Encouraging Your Child To Unleash Their Imagination And Creativity. Let Them Explore Their Talents With Stick Figures And Doodles In The Form Of Arts And Crafts. Creativity Will Stimulate Their Development In A Variety Of Ways..


SUPER VALUE PACK. Our Kids Art Smock Arts and Crafts Set 22 pieces includes 2 different color schemes art smocks that are waterproof, long sleeve and with 3 pockets. The set comes with 12 paint brushes, 6 paint colors and 2 palettes. The kids’ smocks for painting are ideally sized for ages 2 to 6 measuring 23.5 inches Tall by 17.5 inches Wide with a Sleeve Length of 19.25 inches and Collar Diameter of 8 inches.UNIQUE DESIGN & EASY TO USE. Encouraging your child to unleash their imagination and creativity. Let them explore their talents with stick figures and doodles in the form of arts and crafts. Creativity will stimulate their development in a variety of ways.ENDLESS FUN. This Arts and Craft Set will increase their fine-motor skills and bilateral coordination, kids will increase their sensory skills as well as cognitive thinking. This will also boost their self-confidence levels, kids can use as a way of expressing themselves and communicating their feelings.PREMIUM QUALITY. Child Safe: Non-Toxic. Meet the US toy standard. Safety test approved.CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Providing a 100% satisfaction experience is our main priority to our customers. Feel free to message us through contact sellers if products don t meet your expectations. The celebrations start at JOYIN!

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