JOYIN 3 Packs Large Delta Kite Orange, Green and Purple, Easy to Fly

Endless Fun. These Huge Delta Kites For Kids Provides Hours Of Awesome And Wholesome Entertainment For The Whole Family Especially This Summer. This Will Help Your Child To Put Down The Gadgets And Discover A Pastime That Will Get Them Up And Running Actively..
Customer Satisfaction. Providing A Great Shopping Experience Is Our Main Priority To Our Customers. Feel Free To Message Us Through “Contact Sellers” If Products Don’t Meet Your Expectations. The Celebrations Start At Joyin!.
Safe For Children. Non-Toxic, Non-Bpa. Meet Us Toy Standards. Safety Test Approved..
Easy To Use. These Easy Flyers Are Specially Designed To Be Stable And Not Difficult To Launch In Any Level Of Wind. The Durable Fabric Body And Tail Will Last For Years. Recommended To Wear Gloves When Assembling The Kite..


UNIQUE DESIGN. Our Easy Flyer Kite features a soft gradient orange, green, and purple color that will surely lighten up your mood as it flies and adds color to the sky. This includes 3 pieces of Nylon Kites 58.3 inch (148 cm) Wide x 27.6 inch (70 cm) Long with 57.1 inch (145 cm) Tails and an Assembling Instruction Guide. The kite handle string is 262.5 ft (80 m).EASY TO USE. These easy flyers are specially designed to be stable and not difficult to launch in any level of wind. The durable fabric body and tail will last for years. Recommended to wear gloves when assembling the kite.ENDLESS FUN. These Huge Delta Kites for Kids provides hours of awesome and wholesome entertainment for the whole family especially this summer. This will help your child to put down the gadgets and discover a pastime that will get them up and running actively.SAFE FOR CHILDREN. non-toxic, non-BPA. Meet US toy standards. Safety test approved.CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Providing a great shopping experience is our main priority to our customers. Feel free to message us through contact sellers if products don’t meet your expectations. The celebrations start at JOYIN!

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