JUMELLA Lawn Mower Bubble Machine for Kids – Automatic Bubble Mower

【Value For Money】The Exquisite Gift Box Contains An Electronic Bubble Mower, 5 Pcs Medium Bubble Wand, 1Pcs Bubble Tray, 5 Pcs Mini Bubble Wand, 3 Bottles Of Solutions (240Ml/Bottle), And 1 Pcs Screwdriver Tool. This Is A Great Value Gift Set And A Perfect Gift..
【Great Gifts For Kids】This Is A Funny Bubble Blower Set For Kids, Whether It’s A Birthday Gift, A Christmas Gift, Halloween Gift, Or A Prize Or Reward, Boys And Girls Will Love This Electronic Lawn Mower. It Will Make Your Children’s Games More Fun And More Memorable!.
【Awesome Outdoor Playing Time】Bubble Mowers And Bubble Wand Can Be A Lot Of Fun For Family And Friends. Children Can Make Bubbles In Parks, Yards, Playgrounds, And Lawns At Any Time. Creating More Laughter With Colorful Bubbles, Perfect For Kids Outdoor Play..
【Safety & Quality Control 】The Bubble Machine And Bubble Wand Made Of Safe And Durable Materials, Equipped With Professional Bubble Solutions. The Tested And Approved Bubble Solution Is Mild And Non-Irritating To Children’s Eyes, Face And Skin..


Bubble Lawn Mower Super lightweight and powerful electric lawnmower can produce features of realistic sounds and make more than 2000+ bubbles per minute automatically. It’s fun to encourage kids to do outdoor activities and help mom or dad “mow” the lawn. Safety & Quality Control The bubble machine and bubble wand made of safe and durable materials, equipped with professional Bubble solutions. The tested and approved bubble solution is mild and non-irritating to children’s eyes, face and skin. Value For Money The exquisite gift box contains an electronic bubble mower, 5 pcs medium bubble wand, 1pcs bubble tray, 5 pcs mini bubble wand, 3 bottles of solutions (240ml/bottle), and 1 pcs screwdriver tool. This is a great value gift set and a perfect gift. Awesome Outdoor Playing Time Bubble mowers and bubble wand can be a lot of fun for family and friends. Children can make bubbles in parks, yards, playgrounds, and lawns at any time. Creating more laughter with colorful bubbles, Perfect for Kids Outdoor Play. Great Gifts For Kids This is a funny bubble blower set for kids, whether it’s a birthday gift, a Christmas gift, Halloween gift, or a prize or reward, boys and girls will love this electronic lawn mower. It will make your children’s games more fun and more memorable!

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