Kids Art Smock Painting Apron – (Pack of 2) Long Sleeve and 2 Pocket

Versatile One Size Fits All – Ensure Your Child Has A Mess-Free Experience While Painting, Cooking, Eating, Baking And Any Activity With Our Kids Paint Shirt; The Kids Smocks For Painting Are Ideally Sized For Ages 2 To 7 Measuring 23.6 Inches Tall By 17.3 Inches Wide With A Sleeve Length Of 19.7 Inches And Collar Diameter Of 5.5 Inches.
Ideal Gift Idea – J Mark’S Child Art Smock Is The Perfect Gift For Any Children Who Love Arts And Crafts And Hands-On Recreational Activities; Add These Kids Painting Smocks To Our Acrylic Paint And Easel Sets To Create The Perfect Bundle; We Ensure That Our Painting Aprons For Children Will Meet Your Expectations And Offer Returns No Questions Asked; If You Have Issues With Our Toddler Paint Smock, Contact Us And We Will Ensure You Have A Positive Experience With Our Paint Smocks For Toddlers.
Easy To Clean & Machine Washable – Our Waterproof Kids Aprons For Painting Are Extremely Easy To Clean With Soap And Water Or Simply Toss Them In The Washing Machine; This Mommy-Approved Kids Art Apron Will Take Countless Hours Away From Laundry Time And Stain Removing; To Ensure Ultimate Satisfaction We Make Our Painting Smock For Kids Remarkably Lightweight For Children Weighing 1.8 Ounces Or 50 Grams; Protect Your Kids From Staining Their Clothes With Our Reusable Paint Shirts For Kids.
Full Long Sleeve Protection With Pockets – Our Kids Paint Smock Design Will Provide Full Long Sleeve Protection With A Soft Elastic Cuff That Will Fit Effortlessly Without Leaving Marks; Our Toddler Art Smock Features A Convenient Velcro Closure In The Back For Easy Removal; Each Of Our Kids Art Apron Features 2 Spacious Pockets To Store Brushes, Paints, Colors, Snacks And More; Enhance Artistic Skills By Allowing Children To Have Hands-On Learning Experiences While Using Our Toddler Smock.


SAFE & DURABLE Each Childrens Art Smock Set includes 2 paint smocks for kids with an artistic Paint Splatter design in 2 different color schemes; Our kids art smock is designed with kid-friendly waterproof polyester fibers that are non-toxic and smooth; We also ensure our kids smock is air permeable to provide the appropriate breathability for kids to feel comfortable while wearing it; Ideal art shirts for kids to be used in classrooms, camps, art classes, parties or at homeFULL LONG SLEEVE PROTECTION WITH POCKETS Our kids paint smock design will provide full long sleeve protection with a soft elastic cuff that will fit effortlessly without leaving marks; Our toddler art smock features a convenient Velcro closure in the back for easy removal; Each of our kids art apron features 2 spacious pockets to store brushes, paints, colors, snacks and more; Enhance artistic skills by allowing children to have hands-on learning experiences while using our toddler smockVERSATILE ONE SIZE FITS ALL Ensure your child has a mess-free experience while painting, cooking, eating, baking and any activity with our kids paint shirt; The kids smocks for painting are ideally sized for ages 2 to 7 measuring 23.6 inches Tall by 17.3 inches Wide with a Sleeve Length of 19.7 inches and Collar Diameter of 5.5 inchesEASY TO CLEAN & MACHINE WASHABLE Our waterproof kids aprons for painting are extremely easy to clean with soap and water or simply toss them in the washing machine; This mommy-approved kids art apron will take countless hours away from laundry time and stain removing; To ensure ultimate satisfaction we make our painting smock for kids remarkably lightweight for children weighing 1.8 ounces or 50 grams; Protect your kids from staining their clothes with our reusable paint shirts for kidsIDEAL GIFT IDEA J Mark s child art smock is the perfect gift for any children who love arts and crafts and hands-on recreational activities; Add these kids painting smocks to our Acrylic Paint and Easel Sets to create the perfect bundle; We ensure that our painting aprons for children will meet your expectations and offer returns no questions asked; If you have issues with our toddler paint smock, contact us and we will ensure you have a positive experience with our paint smocks for toddlers

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