Kids’ Shop Creator: Beach Camper Van, Summerhouse, Ice Cream Gift Model Set

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift for a child who loves building, look no further. This set features three delightful components: a Beach Camper Van, Summerhouse, and Ice Cream Gift Model. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside:

1. **Beach Camper Van:** A vibrant vehicle equipped with surfboards, ready for the beach.
2. **Summerhouse:** A relaxing spot for holiday-goers, with a detailed interior.
3. **Ice Cream Gift Model:** A charming ice cream stand offering a variety of flavours.

These models aren’t just visually appealing; they offer an engaging and educational experience. The set encourages creativity, problem-solving skills, and hours of entertainment. Whether putting together the models alone or with friends, the experience is bound to be memorable.

Note: Suitable for ages 6 and above. Adult supervision is recommended for younger children.

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