Kidzlane Dance Mat | Light Up Dance Pad with Wireless Bluetooth/AUX

Adaptable Settings 💃 Turn The Music Down To A Whisper, Or Up To A Full Blast Thanks To An Adjustable Volume Dial! Featuring A Simple Selection Design And Brightly Colored Buttons, It’s A Breeze To Control, Even For Young Kids..
100% Satisfaction Guarantee 💃 We’re Sure You’ll Fall In Love With This Exciting Action Toy! Your Purchase Is Backed By An Extensive Money Back Guarantee. Feel Free To Contact Us For Any Issues Or Concerns- Our Customer Care Team Is Here To Help!.
Durable Construction 💃 Made With High-Quality Materials, This Toy Is Designed To Last Through Many Exhilarating Dance Tournaments! It’s Easy To Store By Folding Between The Arrow Pads.Requires 4 Aa Batteries – Not Included.
3 Fun Arcade Games 💃 Get Your Kids To Work Out In The Most Entertaining Way! This Light-Up Dance Mat Features 3 Interactive Games With 5 Difficulty Levels. Dance To The Cues Of The Blinking Arrows, Test Your Brain To A “Simon Says” Memory Game, Or Make Up Your Own Rules In Free Dance Mode!.


LIGHT UP DANCE MAT Step, hop and jump onto the blinking arrows in this addictive new dance game! Follow the beat of its’ built-in music, or connect your own fave track via AUX or BLUETOOTH. A well- padded dance surface & large light-up arrows make this the perfect activity from toddler to teen.3 FUN ARCADE GAMES Get your kids to work out in the most entertaining way! This light-up dance mat features 3 interactive games with 5 difficulty levels. Dance to the cues of the blinking arrows, test your brain to a Simon Says memory game, or make up your own rules in Free Dance Mode!ADAPTABLE SETTINGS Turn the music down to a whisper, or up to a full blast thanks to an ADJUSTABLE VOLUME DIAL! Featuring a simple selection design and brightly colored buttons, it’s a breeze to control, even for young kids.DURABLE CONSTRUCTION Made with high-quality materials, this toy is designed to last through many exhilarating dance tournaments! It’s easy to store by folding between the arrow pads.Requires 4 AA Batteries – Not Included100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE We’re sure you’ll fall in love with this exciting action toy! Your purchase is backed by an extensive MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Feel free to contact us for any issues or concerns- our customer care team is here to help!

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