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Safe And Durable: Made From Safe, Durable And Non-Toxic Abs Plastic,The Frog Game Is Designed To Be Lasting. This Friendly Toy Has Smooth Edges, Come With 2 Soft Hammers Can Be Enjoyed Time And Time Again. Runs On 3 Aaa Batteries..
Perfect Gift For Age 3 And Up: Give As A Birthday And Holidays (Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving Or New Year) Present For Toddlers, Your Thoughtful Gift Will Put A Big Smile On A Cute Little Face. The Toy Hammers Were Flying And The Laughter Was Infectious..
Fun Educational Toy: Very Nice And Fun Game. Frog Game Toy Can Aid Language Learning And Musical Sounds Recognition, Keep Your Kids Busy For Hours. Develops Competitive Spirit, Helps With Motor Skills. The Colors Are Vibrant And Eye Catching, Help Build Concentration And Focusing Skills. An Early Developmental Toy For Boys, Girls Of Age 3 4 5 6 7 8..
Multiple Functions: The Frog Have 2 Different Game Modes, Total Of 38 Different Speed Changing Levels. The Claw Buttons On Both Sides Can Play Music, Comes With Real Screams When You Hit The Frogs. The Frogs Light Up And When You Hit It, You Get A Point On The Lcd Counter, Also Include Spoken Words In Four Different Languages Can Be Chosen(English, Spanish, Russian And Portuguese), Which Can Aid Learning And Musical Sounds..


Interactive Toy: Frog game is the best ideal for developing partner and parent interaction. Your kids can have fun playing with an adult or a friend, encourage the development of your toddler’s hand-eye coordination and attention span. Also, encourages toddlers to cooperate and take turns to play frog game to develop communication skills, competing to see who can get the best score.Multiple Functions: The frog have 2 different game modes, total of 38 different speed changing levels. The claw buttons on both sides can play music, comes with real screams when you hit the frogs. The frogs light up and when you hit it, you get a point on the LCD counter, also include spoken words in four different languages can be chosen(English, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese), which can aid learning and musical sounds.Safe and Durable: Made from safe, durable and non-toxic ABS plastic,the Frog Game is designed to be lasting. This friendly toy has smooth edges, come with 2 soft hammers can be enjoyed time and time again. Runs on 3 AAA batteries.Fun Educational Toy: Very nice and fun game. Frog game toy can aid language learning and musical sounds recognition, keep your kids busy for hours. Develops competitive spirit, helps with motor skills. The colors are vibrant and eye catching, help build concentration and focusing skills. An early developmental toy for boys, girls of age 3 4 5 6 7 8.Perfect Gift For Age 3 and up: Give as a birthday and holidays (Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving or New Year) present for toddlers, your thoughtful gift will put a big smile on a cute little face. The toy hammers were flying and the laughter was infectious.

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· Parents can be a big help to this process, particularly by choosing age-appropriate toys. What a Baby Sees in the First Six Months. An infant’s world is made up of light, shadow, and blurry shapes. They can only effectively focus on things 8-15 inches away — coincidentally the perfect distance to see the face of the person holding them!

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· Little Tikes made a Peloton-like bike for kids, but child development experts cry foul. Container ships (Top R) are anchored by the ports of Long Beach and …

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· Make sure that these things are something that children interact with on a daily basis, like television, refrigerator, and the likes. Then rotate these labels objects every few months and make sure that the labels are of the same size, different colors, and use a common or usual font for toddlers to easily read it.

5 Important Activities to Engage Toddlers at Home

· They create super cool hands-on projects and toys designed to expose kids to concepts in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) and are a great resource for learning at home. The crates are delivered monthly and come with everything you need to complete the project, no extra supplies needed.

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· Amazon has toys your baby will love!. Hop on over to Amazon or Walmart.com where they are offering this highly-rated Fisher-Price Linkimals A to Z Otter Interactive Toy for just $10 (regularly $19.99) – lowest price!. Recommended for babies 9-months and older, this interactive toy otter with a light-up keyboard helps teach your baby the alphabet and first words.

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· Babies (6-12 months) Babies are already developing executive function skills! It’s amazing to see how quickly a crying baby can settle down when they are comforted by a preferred caregiver, which is the emergence of emotional control.Since babies aren’t able to self-soothe very well, they rely on familiar people around them to help them manage their emotions.

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· Printable New Year’s Eve BINGO Cards. Grab the Printable Bingo Cards Here. How this New Year’s Eve Bingo Game for Kids works: Print out a Bingo card for each player (either full page or a half sheet) Give each player a Bingo dobber or Bingo markers to mark or cover their squares. Cut out the pictures from one board to use as calling cards.

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· Go on a Sound Hunt- Make your own sound scavenger hunt and then get outside and see if you can hear all the sounds.; Animal sound game- Make an animal sound, have your child listen and guess which animal makes the sound!Repeat! You can even take turns and give them a turn. Copy Cat game- tap, clap, stomp, and have your child try to copy you!See if they …

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· 1) “Autistic kids won’t learn how to do things if they don’t mimic adults in their play.” Typical little kids pretend to be baking cookies or selling ice cream or driving a truck or taking care of a baby doll. Are these things actually giving them real-world skills? I doubt it.

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