Knobby Balls – (Pack of 6) Bulk 7 Inch Sensory Balls and Spiky Massa

★Kids Love Them★ Our Balls For Kids Are Soft, Great For Little Hands To Grip, Light Weight And Are Easy To Throw. Which Means, They’re Perfect For Babies, Toddlers, And Kids Ages 2+. And Sure, To Make Really Great Party Favors At Your Children’s Birthday Parties.
★ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed ★ When Shopping For Sensory Balls Kids And Balls For Toddlers With Bedwina You Can Be Rest Assured That Our If For Whatever Reason You Are Not 100% Satisfied, We’ll Take Back Your Product, No Questions Asked. We Are Here To Make You 100% Happy, 100% Of The Time With Our 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
★High Quality! Includes Hand Pump★ Bedwina Knobby Balls Are Made Of Thick Rubber, Hold Their Air Well, Non-Toxic And All Measure The Same Size (7 Inches In Diameter) When Inflated. Note: These Sensory Balls Will Arrive Deflated And Includes A Hand Pump With Needle To Pump Them Up.
★Super Awesome & Fun★ These Lightweight Balls Are Awesome For Throwing, Bouncing, Rolling, Catching And Playing With Both Indoors And Outdoors. Parents Love Them Because Their Little Ones Can Play With Them And Not Get Hurt Or Damage Any Walls Or Windows, But They Are Still Firm Enough To Bounce Super Well, Even On Carpet.


PACK OF 6 KNOBBY SENSORY BALLS Each bulk pack of knobby balls includes a total of 6 sensory balls in assorted colors. Balls arrive deflated and Includes a Hand Pump and Needle to quickly and easily inflate when ready to use. They measure 7 inches in diameter when inflated and come in bright colors; red, purple, yellow, green & blue SUPER AWESOME & FUN These lightweight balls are awesome for throwing, bouncing, rolling, catching and playing with both indoors and outdoors. Parents love them because their little ones can play with them and not get hurt or damage any walls or windows, but they are still firm enough to bounce super well, even on carpet KIDS LOVE THEM Our balls for kids are soft, great for little hands to grip, light weight and are easy to throw. Which means, they’re perfect for babies, toddlers, and kids ages 2+. And sure, to make really great party favors at your children’s birthday parties HIGH QUALITY! INCLUDES HAND PUMP Bedwina knobby balls are made of thick rubber, hold their air well, NON-TOXIC and all measure the same size (7 inches in diameter) when inflated. NOTE: These sensory balls will arrive DEFLATED and includes a hand pump with needle to pump them up 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED When shopping for sensory balls kids and balls for toddlers with Bedwina you can be rest assured that our if for whatever reason you are not 100% satisfied, we’ll take back your product, no questions asked. We are here to make you 100% happy, 100% of the time with our 100% satisfaction guaranteed

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