Kubb Premium Set Yard Game Set for Adults, Families – Fun, Interacti

High Quality Materials And Build: All Of The Viking Chess Pieces Are Made Of Heavy-Duty Wood That Is Virtually Chip-Proof And Unbreakable, Meaning This Kubby Game Can Withstand Lots Of Wear-And-Tear And Unfavorable Weather.
Take It Everywhere: Complete With A Premium Zippered Tote Bag, You Aren’T Restricted To Playing These Kubb Sets At Home, Bring It To The Beach, Park, Festival, Or Neighbor’S, And Great Commercial Use At Bars And Restaurants.
Easy To Learn: The Viking Kubb Game Is The Perfect Blend Of Physical Activity And Intellectual Stimulation..
Everything You Need: This Complete Game Package Includes 10 Kubb Blocks, 1 King Kubb, 6 Kubb Tossing Dowels, 4 Corner Stakes, And 1 Storage Tote Bag – Everything Comes Pre-Assembled So The Only Thing You Need To Worry About Is Having Fun.


EXTRA FUN, EXTRA LAUGHS: If you are looking for a unique, entertaining game that is both interactive and challenging, the Rally and Roar Kubb Toss game is sure to be a hitEVERYTHING YOU NEED: This complete game package includes 10 Kubb blocks, 1 King Kubb, 6 Kubb tossing dowels, 4 corner stakes, and 1 storage tote bag – everything comes pre-assembled so the only thing you need to worry about is having funHIGH QUALITY MATERIALS AND BUILD: All of the Viking Chess pieces are made of heavy-duty wood that is virtually chip-proof and unbreakable, meaning this Kubby Game can withstand lots of wear-and-tear and unfavorable weatherEASY TO LEARN: The Viking Kubb game is the perfect blend of physical activity and intellectual stimulation.TAKE IT EVERYWHERE: Complete with a premium zippered tote bag, you aren t restricted to playing these Kubb Sets at home, bring it to the beach, park, festival, or neighbor s, and great commercial use at bars and restaurants

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