Lads’ Disney Princess Moana Wayfinding Vessel with Mini Sina Doll and Dolphin Figurine

Our Disney Princess Moana Wayfinding Boat set includes an intricately detailed boat, complete with beautiful textures and colours that mimic Moana’s iconic vessel from the movie. Included are miniature dolls of Moana’s mother, Sina, adding an extra layer of realism and allowing children to reenact their favourite scenes.

But the adventure doesn’t stop at wayfinding! The set also includes a stunning dolphin figure. The beautifully moulded dolphin is designed with great attention to detail, capturing the playful and majestic nature of these creatures. This engaging combination serves to fuel imaginative play and aids in the development of storytelling skills.

This Disney Princess Moana set is a creative building toy that sparks imagination and creativity. It’s not just about assembling; it’s about storytelling, adventures and bringing a favourite Disney movie to life right at home. Its durable and child-friendly design makes it the perfect gift for the young fans of Disney’s Princess Moana.

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