Lads’ DUPLO Disney Mickey Minnie Mouse Birthday Train Toys: Number Bricks, Cake

This Mickey and Minnie Mouse Birthday Train set is a delightful plaything for toddlers, offering more than just fun. Created with love by DUPLO, the Disney-themed set encourages children to build, count and engage in imaginative play.

The package brims with a vibrant array of numbered bricks, a toy cake, and figurines of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. It’s a fantastic learning tool that helps little ones get acquainted with numbers whilst simultaneously developing their motor skills.

Each numbered brick corresponds to an equivalent count of birthday candles, making counting an interactive and enjoyable task. The cake can be assembled and disassembled for unlimited creative play, instilling a sense of accomplishment in your child.

This set isn’t merely about numbers and building; it also introduces kids to the joy of celebrating special occasions, as represented by Mickey and Minnie’s birthday party on a moving train. Its Disney theme brings an added layer of charm and familiarity, enhancing playtime with their favourite characters.

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