LEGO City Bike Stunt Kit: Is This Kids’ Selfie Stick Toy Worth the Fun?

The LEGO brand, renowned globally for its creativity-inducing toy sets, has ventured into a unique amalgamation of features with its latest offering. The LEGO City Bike Stunt Kit takes the excitement of city adventures and couples it with the thrill of stunts, all under the interactive umbrella of a selfie stick feature.

Let’s break it down:

Building Fun: True to its essence, this kit offers kids the joy of building. Constructing the bike, setting up the stunt ramp, or creating a backdrop of the city, each aspect offers a distinct experience.

Bike Stunts: The centrepiece, the stunt bike, is designed for action. Kids can perform stunts, race them, or even just display them as part of their LEGO city.

Selfie Stick Element: In an age where capturing moments has become an integral part of play, the selfie stick feature adds an interactive layer. Kids can immortalise their stunts and city escapades, adding a modern twist to traditional play.

While some might argue that integrating a selfie stick might not be essential, it undeniably aligns with the current trends. It encourages kids to not just play but also to document, share, and relive their experiences.

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