LEGO Icons Series: Detailed Friends TV Show Apartments Model for Collectors

Dive into the intricate world of LEGO building with this Icons series set. Paying tribute to the globally acclaimed ‘Friends’ TV Show, this model offers a unique blend of creativity, nostalgia and fun. Explore the detailed apartments, bursting with recognisable features and references to classic episodes. The set includes minifigures of all six friends, adding a touch of authenticity and charm to the ensemble.

With the Icons series, LEGO offers a chance to relive the ‘Friends’ experience, brick by brick. Whether it’s reminiscing about the laughter, the love, or the quirks of this unforgettable show, the building process enables fans to engage with the show in an entirely new way. Suitable for both new and experienced builders, this model is an exciting addition to any LEGO or ‘Friends’ collection.

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