LEGO Set for Boys and Girls: Vehicle Construction and Tree Planting Friends

Spark their young minds and engage their hands with this interactive LEGO building set. A blend of entertainment and education, it’s a kit where kids can construct a variety of vehicles from colourful LEGO blocks. But the fun doesn’t stop there, it extends to the outdoors with tree planting, teaching the young ones the importance of caring for the environment.

To amplify the play, LEGO Friends are also part of the package. These characters bring extra excitement and stimulate social play scenarios, fostering creativity and helping to build strong friendships.

With this LEGO set, your kids don’t just play; they learn and grow. They learn problem-solving through the construction of vehicles, understand the value of nature through tree planting, and develop social skills through interaction with LEGO Friends characters. A perfect blend of fun and education, this LEGO set is a must-have for every child.

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