LEGO Super Mario: Luigi’s Mansion Poltergust Lab – Expansion Kit for Kids

The LEGO Super Mario: Luigi’s Mansion Poltergust Lab set is more than just a collection of bricks. It’s an immersive building experience for kids, enabling them to explore Luigi’s spooky mansion. With the addition of this expansion, children can interact with characters from the beloved video game series and bring the world of Mario to life.

The kit features various interactive elements, including the Poltergust device and other recognisable aspects from Luigi’s Mansion. It’s compatible with other LEGO Super Mario sets, allowing for endless possibilities in creating and customising unique levels.

Children can enjoy following the instructions or unleash their creativity by designing their own layouts. The engaging activities within the set provide educational benefits, enhancing motor skills and encouraging problem-solving.

A must-have for any Mario enthusiast, the Luigi’s Mansion Poltergust Lab Expansion Kit is an excellent gift that promises hours of entertainment and imaginative play.

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