liberry Durable Doctor Kit for Kids, 23 Pieces Pretend Play Educatio

Educational Doctor Playset For Kids: The Doctor Pretend Play Can Not Only Stimulate Kids’ Imagination And Creativity, But Also Cultivate Their Compassion And Foster Their Social Skills. Kids Can Also Comprehend The Uses Of Different Medical Tools And Know Different Body Parts. Being A Little Doctor Helps Relieve Children’S Anxiety And Alleviate Their Fear Of Going To The Doctor..
Ideal Gift For Toddlers: Liberry Doctor Kit For Kids Is A Great Gift For Any Occasion, Such As Party, Pretend Game, Role Play, Class Reward, Holiday Toy Gift, Christmas Gift And Birthday Gift. By Playing With Our Doctor Kit For Toddlers, It Can Help Your Child Learn More About Doctors And Help Them Reduce Their Fear Of Going To The Doctor..
Easy To Store And Carry: The Sturdy, Spacious Carrying Case Measures 8.5”L X 6.3”W X 6.L”h. It Is Very Convenient For Both Home Storage And Travel. The Carrying Case Is Big Enough To Hold All Kids Doctor Playset. Your Room Will No Longer Be In A Mess With It, And Meanwhile, It Can Cultivate Children’S Awareness Of Storing Toys. The Snap-Lock Latches Keep The Case Securely Closed, And It Is Easy For Children To Manipulate..
Realistic Sound And Light Effects: When Kids Press The Electronic Stethoscope, They Can Hear The Heartbeat Sound; The Blood-Pressure Cuff Can Be Worn On Kids’ Wrist, The Air Valve Ball Is Squeezable And The Indicator Of Gauge Will Rotate When Child Press It; The Thermometer, Otoscope, Flashlinght And Oral Mirror Can All Emit Light When Working, Which Can Give Children A More Real Experience While Playing. Batteries Are Included For Your Convenience..


SAFE AND DURABLE KIDS DOCTOR KIT: These tools are designed for little hands and easy to grasp. They are all made of durable ABS plastic materials, which are non-toxic, BPA-free and odor-free. There are no sharp objects or edges of these tools, so you don t have to worry about kids hurting themselves while they play.REALISTIC SOUND AND LIGHT EFFECTS: When kids press the electronic stethoscope, they can hear the heartbeat sound; the blood-pressure cuff can be worn on kids wrist, the air valve ball is squeezable and the indicator of gauge will rotate when child press it; the thermometer, otoscope, flashlinght and oral mirror can all emit light when working, which can give children a more real experience while playing. Batteries are included for your convenience.EDUCATIONAL DOCTOR PLAYSET FOR KIDS: The doctor pretend play can not only stimulate kids imagination and creativity, but also cultivate their compassion and foster their social skills. Kids can also comprehend the uses of different medical tools and know different body parts. Being a little doctor helps relieve children s anxiety and alleviate their fear of going to the doctor.EASY TO STORE AND CARRY: The sturdy, spacious carrying case measures 8.5”L X 6.3”W X 6.l”H. It is very convenient for both home storage and travel. The carrying case is big enough to hold all kids doctor playset. Your room will no longer be in a mess with it, and meanwhile, it can cultivate children s awareness of storing toys. The snap-lock latches keep the case securely closed, and it is easy for children to manipulate.IDEAL GIFT FOR TODDLERS: Liberry doctor kit for kids is a great gift for any occasion, such as party, pretend game, role play, class reward, holiday toy gift, Christmas gift and birthday gift. By playing with our doctor kit for toddlers, it can help your child learn more about doctors and help them reduce their fear of going to the doctor.

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