Light-up Ant Farm Terrarium Kit for Kids LED Ant Habitat for Live

A Fun And Educational Gift For All Ages: It’s Not Often That A Science Project Can Be Fun And Engaging, But This Set Achieves Both! Great Set For Individual Play Or As A Group Activity. It Fascinates Children As Soon As They Pull It Out Of The Box And Is A Perfect Stem Project. It Fosters A Love For Science And Paleontology In A Fun And Exciting Way..
Includes Beautiful And Extensive 16-Page Learning Book: Ants Are Fascinating Insects With Super-Duper Strength, Human-Like Ways Of Interacting, And Oddball Features (Like The Butt Of An Australian Green Ant Tastes Sort Of Like A Lime! Ew…). This Learning Guide Is Full Of Cool, Scientific Information About Ants. Note: Due To Regulatory Restrictions Ants Cannot Be Shipped To Oregon Or Hawaii..


Watch real ants dig intricate tunnels: Know what s even cooler than a plain old ant habitat full of sand? One that s made with bright blue, space-age gel that glows! Watch your harvester ants dig intricate tunnels through the same type of gel that ants were sent to the moon in. Then, turn on the lights the whole ant habitat glows! It s not only crazy-cool to look at, but the lights can also encourage the ants to dig deeper into the gel.Includes beautiful and extensive 16-page learning book: Ants are fascinating insects with super-duper strength, human-like ways of interacting, and oddball features (like the butt of an Australian green ant tastes sort of like a lime! Ew…). This Learning Guide is full of cool, scientific information about ants. NOTE: Due to regulatory restrictions ants cannot be shipped to Oregon or Hawaii.A fun and educational gift for all ages: It’s not often that a science project can be fun and engaging, but this set achieves both! Great set for individual play or as a group activity. It fascinates children as soon as they pull it out of the box and is a perfect STEM project. It fosters a love for science and paleontology in a fun and exciting way.

This LEGO kit comes with LED lights to build your own Flux …

· The kit comes complete with a whopping 18 new LEGO bricks, a pre-assembled pliant circuit board, LED lights that actually glow with the help of a battery pack, and three AA batteries. You’ll have to buy the batteries separately, but the kit comes included with illustrated assembly instructions to aid in the building process.

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· Living in Northern California, it’s a good idea to always be prepared for an earthquake — big or small. An emergency earthquake kit can help you and your family survive when a disaster strikes.

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· Florida led the world in shark attacks again in 2020 … “Unprovoked attacks are defined as incidents in which an attack on a live human occurs in …

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· How a real-life killing led to the writing of the novel ‘At the Edge of the Haight’ Journalist Katherine Seligman turned to fiction to write …

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· 10 spider facts worksheets (level 2 – No sentence is shown at the top. Kids build a spider fact based on the word tiles at the bottom) Let’s help kids break through their common fear for different spiders. There are many spider kits available to observe the body parts, and watch as they spin a sticky web. Free Spider Activities

How a real-life killing led to the writing of the novel …

· Thankfully today, many of us live where we can find free bible study lessons for various ages from children to teens to adults. Sometimes we need to teach God’s Word to the whole family together, and these free printable Bible studies for all ages can help. So, if you are on the hunt for printable Bible study lessons, you’ve come to the right place.

Fun Spider Facts for Kids – Little Learning Corner

· Alternatively, if you use the WeChat Health Kit mini-program, you just need to enter your name and passport number, then upload a picture of your ID (all in English!). Based on your answers, and whether you’ve been in a high-risk area or in close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case, you will be given a colored QR code: red, green, or yellow.

Free Printable Bible Studies for All Ages

· Jodie shares Kit and her oldest son, Charles Bernard Foster, 23, with former partner, Cydney Foster. Jodie and Cydney, 68, met on the set of the film Sommersby in 1993, according to the Daily Mail …

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Jodie Foster & Son Kit, 19, Go For A Walk In Rare Public …

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