Little Growers Unicorn Terrarium Kit for Kids with Rainbow Fairy Lig

All Inclusive Kit – Comes With Everything Needed To Create, Grow And Cultivate Your Very Own Mini Unicorn Habitat. 1 Terrarium Dome (Bowl And Lid) – 2 Unicorn Figurines – 1 Castle – 1 Rainbow – 1 Soil Disk – 1 Pack Of Wheatgrass Seeds – 2 Colors Of Acrylic Garden Stones (Pink And Blue) – 1 Acrylic Paint Set With 6 Different Colors – 1 Fine Tip Paint Brush – 1 Medium Tip Paint Brush – Sparkly Star Glitter – 1 Set Of Rainbow Colored Fairy Lights.
Satisfaction Guaranteed – If You’Re Not Completely Satisfied, You Can Send It Back For A Full Refund. Every Little Growers Terrarium Kit Is Sourced From The Highest Quality Materials And Is 3Rd Party Tested To Ensure Long Lasting Fun. All Little Growers Terrarium Crafts Include Non-Toxic Materials And Conform To Cpsia And Astm F963-17. Rest Easy Knowing That You’Re Getting Quality Educational Toys And Gifts For Kids Of All Ages. When It Comes To Quality, Nobody Beats Little Growers!.
Rainbow Fairy Lights – Light Up Your Magical Unicorn Habitat! Each Kit Comes With Its Very Own Enchanted String Of Rainbow Colored Led Fairy Lights, Allowing Your Child To Sprinkle Their Imaginary World With Light, While Illuminating The Real World Around Them. Let The Imagination Of Your Girl Or Boy Shine Bright Through The Night With The Little Growers Light Up Terrarium Kit For Kids.
Create And Grow A Mini Ecosystem – The Fun Doesn’T Stop After Building Your Terrarium. Now Comes The Fun Part…Caring For And Cultivating Your Very Own Mini Ecosystem! Your Child Will Be Learning The Science And Skills Of Planting And Nurturing Their Garden. Using The Soil And Seeds Provided, Your Child Will Be Planting, Watering, Gardening And Growing In No Time. Your Wheatgrass Seeds Can Begin To Sprout Within 2-3 Days! It’s The Perfect Stem Toy Or Gift For Girls And Boys Any Age.


CUSTOMIZE – Little Growers Unicorn Garden is the terrarium kit for kids that lets them create any way they want! From projects beginning to end, your child chooses how their living Unicorn garden will look and feel. Unlike other terrariums that come with pre-painted figures and a small plastic jar, our DIY Terrarium craft kits provide your kid with high quality materials, paintable figures and a large 9X6 inch terrarium dome that gives them the freedom to plant and design any way they want!CREATE AND GROW A MINI ECOSYSTEM – The fun doesn t stop after building your terrarium. Now comes the fun part…caring for and cultivating your very own mini ecosystem! Your child will be learning the science and skills of planting and nurturing their garden. Using the soil and seeds provided, your child will be planting, watering, gardening and growing in no time. Your wheatgrass seeds can begin to sprout within 2-3 days! It’s the perfect STEM toy or gift for girls and boys any ageALL INCLUSIVE KIT – Comes with everything needed to create, grow and cultivate your very own mini unicorn habitat. 1 Terrarium Dome (bowl and lid) – 2 Unicorn figurines – 1 Castle – 1 Rainbow – 1 Soil Disk – 1 Pack of Wheatgrass Seeds – 2 Colors of Acrylic Garden Stones (Pink and Blue) – 1 Acrylic Paint Set with 6 different Colors – 1 Fine Tip Paint Brush – 1 Medium Tip Paint Brush – Sparkly Star Glitter – 1 Set of Rainbow Colored Fairy LightsRAINBOW FAIRY LIGHTS – Light up your magical unicorn habitat! Each kit comes with its very own enchanted string of rainbow colored LED fairy lights, allowing your child to sprinkle their imaginary world with light, while illuminating the real world around them. Let the imagination of your girl or boy shine bright through the night with the Little Growers light up terrarium kit for kidsSATISFACTION GUARANTEED – If you re not completely satisfied, you can send it back for a full refund. Every Little Growers Terrarium Kit is sourced from the highest quality materials and is 3rd party tested to ensure long lasting fun. All Little Growers terrarium crafts include non-toxic materials and conform to CPSIA and ASTM F963-17. Rest easy knowing that you re getting quality educational toys and gifts for kids of all ages. When it comes to quality, nobody beats Little Growers!

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