LOL Surprise Dance Dance Dance Dolls with 8 Surprises Including Doll

Spinning Dance Floor: Show Your Dancing Doll’S Moves Off On The Dance Floor That You Can Really Spin. Plus, You Can Connect Each Of The Dance Floors In The Dance Dance Dance Series Together And Spin Them All At Once.
Will You Unbox A Character Whose Style Is Old School Or New School. Or, Find An M.C. To Lead The B.B.S In A Dance Off.
Collect Them All And Remix: Collect All 12 Lol Surprise Dance Dance Dance Dolls And Put On The Greatest Dance-Off The Universe Has Ever Seen. Create And Remix Your Own Fierce Choreographed Dances As You Unbox Each Doll’S Special Dance Move.
Unique Dance Move: Each Doll Comes With Their Own Dance Card, Featuring Holographic Art That Really Moves To Show You How To Do A Unique Dance Move. Help Them Unbox Their Unique Dance Move – Such As The Wheels On The Coupe, Vogue It Bb Or Runway Surprise.


UNBOX 8 Surprises with LOL Surprise Dance Dance Dance dolls, including a black light to reveal additional glowing surprises. A great toy for girlsUNIQUE DANCE MOVE: Each doll comes with their own Dance Card, featuring holographic art that really moves to show you how to do a unique dance move. Help them unbox their unique dance move such as the Wheels on the Coupe, Vogue It BB or Runway SurpriseSPINNING DANCE FLOOR: Show your dancing doll s moves off on the dance floor that you can really spin. Plus, you can connect each of the dance floors in the Dance Dance Dance series together and spin them all at onceCOLLECT THEM ALL AND REMIX: Collect all 12 LOL Surprise Dance Dance Dance dolls and put on the greatest dance-off the universe has ever seen. Create and remix your own fierce choreographed dances as you unbox each doll s special dance moveWill you unbox a character whose style is Old School or New School. Or, find an M.C. to lead the B.B.s in a dance off

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