Lulu Home Bubble Concentrated Solution, 1 L/ 33.8 OZ Bubble Refill S

Quality And Safe: Lulu Home Bubble Concentrated Solution Is Made Of Odorless And Nontoxic Soap Liquid Solution, Mild Nature, Safe And No Irritation For People’s Skin With Touch. Every Blowing Can Make Dozens Of Bubbles. 100% Kids Safe..
Attention Please: Do Not Swallow. If Swallow, Please Drink Water Or Milk Right Away. If Touch The Eyes, Please Rinse With Water Right Away. Please Note That Bubbles Will Leave White Marks When They Burst..
The Party Must: Never Forget To Prepare A Bottle Of Lulu Home Concentrate Bubble Solution, As It Is Such A Hit For Summer Pool Party, Weddings, Anniversary, Family Gathering, Graduation Night And So On. To Blow Bubbles Is Such A Simple Past-Time, Yet It Brings A Smile To Everyone’s Face..
To Get All Kinds Of Bubbles: Different Proportion Will Get You Different Bubbles. For Example, 1 Cups Of Water + 2 Cups Of Concentrated Solution = Bubble Solution For Giant Bubbles (For More Proportion, Please Refer To The Picture Or The Product Description Below)..


For All Bubble Toys: Lulu Home concentrated bubble solution is a perfect refill solution for all kinds of bubble toys, such as bubble lawn mower, bubble blaster, bubble blower guns and bubble blowing wands. Keep replenishing your happiness!To Get All Kinds of Bubbles: Different proportion will get you different bubbles. For example, 1 cups of water + 2 cups of concentrated solution = bubble solution for Giant Bubbles (for more proportion, please refer to the picture or the product description below).Quality and Safe: Lulu Home bubble concentrated solution is made of odorless and nontoxic soap liquid solution, mild nature, safe and no irritation for people’s skin with touch. Every blowing can make dozens of bubbles. 100% kids safe.The Party Must: Never forget to prepare a bottle of Lulu Home concentrate bubble solution, as it is such a hit for summer pool party, weddings, anniversary, family gathering, graduation night and so on. To blow bubbles is such a simple past-time, yet it brings a smile to everyone’s face.Attention Please: DO NOT SWALLOW. If swallow, please drink water or milk right away. If touch the eyes, please rinse with water right away. Please note that bubbles will leave white marks when they burst.

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