makarci Stepping Stones for Kids, 5pcs Non-Slip Plastic Balance Rive

🌀「Ideal Daily Exercise Equipment & Perfect Gift For Children 」: Play Anywhere And Anytime Without Limitation. Lightweight And Receivable Design Make It Is An Excellent Gift For Toddlers As Outdoor Play Equipment. They Are Indifferent 5 Bright Colors And Can Be Built As A Hill To Stimulate Children’s Imagination And Stack Together To Save Storage Space, An Excellent Gift For Children..
🌀「Directly From Manufacturer & Perfect After-Sales Guarantee」: We Have Been Specializing In The Sensory Integration Industry For More Than 30 Years, So If You Have Any Questions, Dissatisfaction, Or Suggestion Of Our Products, Don’t Hesitate To Get In Touch With Us, Because We Are Sure That We Will Solve Your Problem Perfectly..
🌀「High-Grade & Enough Material, Durable & Strong Bearing」: Using Non-Toxic And Odorless Healthy Pp Material, It Is Even More Durable Than Natural Stones. Please Feel Relief To Place Them Outside As A Yard Or Garden Decoration. The Max Load Is 220Lbs, Also Suitable For Adults, So This Balance Training Kit Is Also An Excellent Parent-Child Game Toy..
🌀「Endless Ways To Play &Promote Balance Coordination」: 1 Set Of Our Balance Stepping Stones Includes 5Pcs Blocks In Different Sizes And 5 Different Colors. Kids Can Walk, Stand, Jump Or Climb On The Stepping Stones For Balance And Coordination Skills Training, Set As An Obstacle Course, Help Promote Color Cognition Ability, And Use The Blocks As Steps To Reach The High Or As A Stool For Sitting..


Non-slip Surface & Full Rubber bottom : Perfect indoor & outdoor toys with a full rubber rim, helps the blocks firmly place on the different ground (carpet, floor, grass, etc.); And there are embossment patterns on the blocks’ surface to make sure kids won’t slip on it. The unique protruding dots on the stepping stones stimulate kids’ foot soles and enhance children’s balance and coordination. Endless Ways to Play &Promote balance coordination : 1 set of our balance stepping stones includes 5pcs blocks in different sizes and 5 different colors. Kids can walk, stand, jump or climb on the stepping stones for balance and coordination skills training, set as an obstacle course, help promote color cognition ability, and use the blocks as steps to reach the high or as a stool for sitting. Ideal Daily Exercise Equipment & Perfect Gift for Children : Play anywhere and anytime without limitation. Lightweight and receivable design make it is an excellent gift for toddlers as outdoor play equipment. They are indifferent 5 bright colors and can be built as a hill to stimulate children’s imagination and stack together to save storage space, an excellent gift for children. High-Grade & Enough Material, Durable & Strong Bearing : Using non-toxic and odorless healthy PP material, it is even more durable than natural stones. Please feel relief to place them outside as a yard or garden decoration. The max load is 220lbs, also suitable for adults, so this balance training kit is also an excellent parent-child game toy. Directly from Manufacturer & Perfect After-sales Guarantee : We have been specializing in the sensory integration industry for more than 30 years, so if you have any questions, dissatisfaction, or suggestion of our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, because we are sure that we will solve your problem perfectly.

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