Maped Helix USA Koopy Spring-Assisted Educational Scissors, Kids, 5

Recommended By Occupational Therapists, As They Help Improve Cognitive And Fine-Motor Skills; Great For Early Learners & Special Needs Students.
Designed For Right & Left Handers, Age 4+; Customer Will Receive 1 Scissor Of Random Color (Blue, Green, Pink).
Brushed Stainless Steel Blades, Are Rounded To A Blunt Point For Safety, Will Not Rust Or Tarnish And Are Easy To Clean; Easily Cut Through Paper, Cardboard, Cardstock, Fabric And More.
Disable Spring (Self-Opening Feature) For Standard Operation; These Scissors Will “Grow” With You; Spring Is Easy To Engage Or Disable – Just Flip The (Arrow) Switch.


Perfect beginner’s scissor for learning how to cut (Pre-School Training Scissor); spring action opens automatically for, zero effort, assisted cuttingDisable spring (self-opening feature) for standard operation; these scissors will grow with you; spring is easy to engage or disable – just flip the (arrow) switchRecommended by occupational therapists, as they help improve cognitive and fine-motor skills; great for early learners & special needs studentsBrushed stainless steel blades, are rounded to a blunt point for safety, will not rust or tarnish and are easy to clean; easily cut through paper, cardboard, cardstock, fabric and moreDesigned for right & left handers, age 4+; customer will receive 1 scissor of random color (Blue, Green, Pink)

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