Matchbox Construction Hauler Detachable Cab Holds 16 Vehicles Plus M

The Detachable Cab Pulls A Two-Level Hauler With Compartments For 16 Vehicles And Other Storytelling Elements..
Inspires Kids To Develop Exciting And Heroic Stories With Realistic Working Vehicles They Love.
Great Gift Idea For Kids Ages 3 Years And Older. Includes A Metal Die-Cast Tractor And Cones, Signs, Barriers And More!.
There Are Two Ramps On Both Levels At The Back That Can Let Vehicles Roll Out With A Kid-Activated Switch!.


This large-scale construction hauler has super features and lots of pieces kids will love!There are two ramps on both levels at the back that can let vehicles roll out with a kid-activated switch!The detachable cab pulls a two-level hauler with compartments for 16 vehicles and other storytelling elements.Great gift idea for kids ages 3 years and older. Includes a metal die-cast tractor and cones, signs, barriers and more!Inspires kids to develop exciting and heroic stories with realistic working vehicles they love

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