Minute of Fun – The Super Fun Game of 237 1-Minute Challenges for Du

How To Play: Everyone Performs The Same Challenges To Win. Simply Choose A Card, And Attempt The Challenge Presented Either In Team Or One-On-One Against Another Player Within The Given Time. Best Of 10 Rounds Wins..
Contents: 122 Cards Totaling 237 Challenges , Measuring Tape, 4 Plastic Spoons, 4 Pairs Chopsticks, 12 Balloons, 12 Ping Pong Balls, 12 Cups, 10 Dice, 4 Pieces Of String, 1 Roll Tape, 2 Sheets Paper, 2 Pom-Pom Balls, 12 Straws, 24 Rubber Bands, 4 Tongue Depressors, 1 Plastic Coin..
Family Game And Party Game: These Kooky, Completely Creative, And Fabulously Fun Games Are Great To Play At Home, On Game Nights, Parties, In Your Dorm, At Events, Or Take It With You On Vacation Or Camping. It Contains All You Need!.
237 Quick Challenges In 9 Different Categories: Complete A Series Of Hilarious Physical Challenges That Test Your Aim, Luck, Dexterity, Concentration, And Ability To Function Under The Pressure Of A 60 Second Time Limit. It Is Outrageously Silly Fun For Kids And Adults..


FAST AND HYSTERICALLY FUN GAME: Compete in nearly 237 different 1-minute challenges in 9 different categories with everything you need in one complete package! Entertain the whole crowd with the creative and fun challenges in Minute of Fun!237 QUICK CHALLENGES IN 9 DIFFERENT CATEGORIES: Complete a series of hilarious physical challenges that test your aim, luck, dexterity, concentration, and ability to function under the pressure of a 60 second time limit. It is outrageously silly fun for kids and adults.HOW TO PLAY: Everyone performs the same challenges to win. Simply choose a card, and attempt the challenge presented either in team or one-on-one against another player within the given time. Best of 10 rounds wins.FAMILY GAME AND PARTY GAME: These kooky, completely creative, and fabulously fun games are great to play at home, on game nights, parties, in your dorm, at events, or take it with you on vacation or camping. It contains all you need!CONTENTS: 122 cards totaling 237 challenges , measuring tape, 4 plastic spoons, 4 pairs chopsticks, 12 balloons, 12 ping pong balls, 12 cups, 10 dice, 4 pieces of string, 1 roll tape, 2 sheets paper, 2 pom-pom balls, 12 straws, 24 rubber bands, 4 tongue depressors, 1 plastic coin.

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