Mombella Mimi The Mushroom Super Soft Silicone Baby Soothing Teether

Small And Light Weight, Easy For Baby To Hold And Safely Explore In The Front, Middle And Back Of The Mouth Without Making Baby Gag..
Your Baby Starts Gain More Control On Bring Toys To Mouth Around 2-3 Months, Before That Parent Can Helps With Holding. When It Comes To 3-4 Months, Baby Begins To Grasp Objects And Bite Reflex Starts, Mushroom Can Be A Waning Teether From Sucking To Bite. Not Recommend For 6M Plus Babies..
Using Mimi The Mushroom, The Mushroom Will Not Be In The Mouth During Sleep Since Baby Cannot Hold It, Make Sure Baby Gets Their Mouth Closed And Breathe With Nose, Which Is Better And Healthier..
Through Sucking On The Nipple Of Mushroom, Your Baby’s Tongue Gains More Control On Movement Inside The Mouth, Also The Movement Works The Muscles That Open And Close The Jaw, Which Will Be Good For Speech Development, Also Helps With Better Feeding..


Mouthing is a means for exploration, as well as a means for calming. For newborns sucking is calming, Mimi the mushroom is a perfect for your baby to hold with hand and explore with mouth. Breast and nipple shape helps makes baby feels familiar and safer to chow on.Through sucking on the nipple of mushroom, your baby’s tongue gains more control on movement inside the mouth, also the movement works the muscles that open and close the jaw, which will be good for speech development, also helps with better feeding.Small and light weight, easy for baby to hold and safely explore in the front, middle and back of the mouth without making baby gag.Using Mimi the mushroom, the mushroom will not be in the mouth during sleep since baby cannot hold it, make sure baby gets their mouth closed and breathe with nose, which is better and healthier.Your baby starts gain more control on bring toys to mouth around 2-3 months, before that parent can helps with holding. When it comes to 3-4 months, baby begins to grasp objects and bite reflex starts, mushroom can be a waning teether from sucking to bite. Not recommend for 6m plus babies.

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I even made a matching silicone teether toy (and one to send as a gift for my baby nephew too): I’ll be honest though, I didn’t think this new Easter outfit would be done in time. I literally just finished it and it was 50/50 until the last stitch that I was going to have to scrap the dress and scramble to do something else.

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· to invent the first bendable training toothbrush for toddlers, and also created the Lil’ Squish Jellyfish—A sensory rattle and teether in one. This soft, soothing rattle is easy for baby to grasp and mouth on.

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· Silicone Freezer Toy — $15.99. This teether is freezer-safe, allowing for an even more soothing option for teething babies who need to chill their sore and itchy gums. It also doubles as an entertaining toy/bracelet that’ll keep babies busy.

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· About this item Pizza teether toy for babies 3 months and older BPA-free, silicone “crust” for teething Soft, crinkly vegetable pizza helps develop tactile and auditory skills Lightweight and easy for little hands to grasp Helps baby develop dexterity and hand-eye coordination About Us Our collection of baby gear, including nursery furniture like bassinets, …

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· 1. Using Salt. Salt can soothing your skin and reduce the pain, use salt and water to rinse the nipple when you feel the pain after nursing the baby. 2. Ice Cube. Put some ice cubes on cloth and gently compress to the nipple to relieve the pain after baby biting. 3.

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