Monopoly Game: Cheaters Edition Board Game Ages 8 and Up

Cheat Cards Encourage Players To Cheat And Which Cheat To Attempt. Complete A Cheat To Get A Reward; Fail A Cheat And Pay The Consequences.
The Suggestions On The Board, Cards, And Rules Encourage Cheating In Order To Own It All. The Player With The Most Money At The End Of The Game Wins.
Get Family And Friends Together To Play This Wildly Different Monopoly Game. Expect Lots Of Laughs, As Players Are Encouraged To Bend The Rules As Part Of Gameplay.
Don’t Get Caught. This Monopoly Game Includes A Plastic Handcuff Unit That “Chains” Cheating Players To Jail Space.


Follow, bend or break the rules to win the Cheaters Edition of the Monopoly board game. Cheating is part of the gameDon’t get caught. This Monopoly game includes a plastic handcuff unit that chains cheating players to Jail spaceCheat cards encourage players to cheat and which cheat to attempt. Complete a cheat to get a reward; fail a cheat and pay the consequencesGet family and friends together to play this wildly different Monopoly game. Expect lots of laughs, as players are encouraged to bend the rules as part of gameplayThe suggestions on the board, cards, and rules encourage cheating in order to own it all. The player with the most money at the end of the game wins

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