MONOPOLY Game, Family Board Game for 2 to 6 Players, Board Game for

Players Buy, Sell And Trade To Win: Players Buy Out Neighborhoods, Sell Properties, Charge Rent, And Grow An Empire In The Monopoly Game For Adults And Kids Age 8 And Up.
What’S Your Token?: Tokens Include Rubber Ducky, T-Rex, Penguin, Hazel, Scottie, Racecar, Hat, And Battleship. It’s A Great Game For Family Game Night, Or Anytime Indoor Fun.
Build Houses And Hotels: Love That Feeling When An Opponent Lands On An Owned Property? In This Family Board Game, The More Players Build, The More Rent Money They Can Collect. Cha-Ching.
Community Chest Cards: Fans Voted For Cards They’d Like To See, And The Votes Are In! This Edition Includes 16 Winning Cards, Each Reflecting Some Great Things About Being Part Of A Community.


FAST-DEALING PROPERTY TRADING GAME: It s a Family Game Night staple! Players buy, sell, dream and scheme their way to riches with the Monopoly board gameCOMMUNITY CHEST CARDS: Fans voted for cards they’d like to see, and the votes are in! This edition includes 16 winning cards, each reflecting some great things about being part of a communityPLAYERS BUY, SELL AND TRADE TO WIN: Players buy out neighborhoods, sell properties, charge rent, and grow an empire in the Monopoly Game for adults and kids age 8 and upBUILD HOUSES AND HOTELS: Love that feeling when an opponent lands on an owned property? In this family board game, the more players build, the more rent money they can collect. Cha-chingWHAT S YOUR TOKEN?: Tokens include Rubber Ducky, T-Rex, Penguin, Hazel, Scottie, Racecar, Hat, and Battleship. It’s a great game for Family Game Night, or anytime indoor fun

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