Moonlite Curious George Reel for Moonlite Story Projector

Read And Re-Read Curious George, Then Add Other Classics Like The Ugly Duckling, Goodnight Moon And Chicka Chicka Boom Boom To Your Collection..
Includes: 2 Reels, 1 Activation Card And 1 Quick Start Guide (Projector Not Included).
Moonlite’S Curious George Is For Newborns, Babies, Toddlers, Kids And Adults Who Love To Read! No Batteries Required..
Curious George Works With Moonlite’S Storybook Projector (Sold Separately). Insert The Story Reel Into The Moonlite Projector, Clip The Projector Onto Your Smartphone (Not Included) And Project Beautiful And Vibrant Storybook Illustrations Onto Any Surface!.


Continue your child s magical Moonlite story time with more tales from the Moonlite library! Now you can add Curious George to your collection!Curious George works with Moonlite s storybook projector (sold separately). Insert the story reel into the Moonlite projector, clip the projector onto your smartphone (not included) and project beautiful and vibrant storybook illustrations onto any surface!Read and re-read Curious George, then add other classics like The Ugly Duckling, Goodnight Moon and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom to your collection.Moonlite s Curious George is for newborns, babies, toddlers, kids and adults who love to read! No batteries required.Includes: 2 Reels, 1 Activation Card and 1 Quick Start Guide (Projector Not Included)

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· It all became too much. I will save my story about body dysmorphia for another post, but socials sure did not help that either. Constantly being bombarded with perfectly edited and filtered photos of women’s bodies made me feel anxious all the time. Trying to showcase my highlight reel made me feel anxious all the time.

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· “The recording was done in the library at Colorado Academy by Allen Banbury, another Colorado Academy teacher with 2 Shure microphones into a Ampex reel to reel 2 track recorder. If you are curious about how it sounds, it is pretty rough.

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· View interior and exterior paint colors and color palettes. Our paint samples are handed painted with 2 coats of the real Sherwin-Williams color and are perfect for sampling color before you take the dive. 1022020 Urbane Bronze SW 7048 is an earthy warm paint color that almost straddles the line between brown and gray.

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