My Little Sandbox – Knights & Dragons Play Set

The My Little Sandbox Line Features Tabletop Play Sets Encouraging Creativity, Imagination And Fun. So Dig In!.
Bring The Sandbox Or The Beach Into Your Home For Those Rainy Or Cold Days Where You Can’t Enjoy The Real Thing.
Creative Childe Magazine 2008 Creative Toy Award.
With This Executive Sandbox And Enjoy The Peace And Serenity Year Round.
Perfect For Your Home Or Office.
At Great Activity On A Sunny Or Rainy Day.
Set Includes 10 10 X2-Inch Sandbox, 20 20 Inch No Mess Play Mat, Ultra Fine Sand, Medieval Tree, Knights In Shining Armor, Cavalry Horses, Fire Breathing Dragon, Castle With Draw Bridge And Moat, Grooming Rake, Shovel, Pail And Large Rock.
You’ll Find A Medieval Castle, Knights, Catapult, Dragon, Shove, Rake And Pail.


Unique 10″ x 10″ x 2″ sandbox, 20″ x 20″ no mess play mat and ultra fine sandYou’ll find a Medieval Castle, Knights, Catapult, Dragon, shove, rake and pailThe My Little Sandbox line features tabletop play sets encouraging creativity, imagination and fun. So dig in!At great activity on a sunny or rainy dayWith this executive sandbox and enjoy the peace and serenity year roundPerfect for your home or officeBring the sandbox or the beach into your home for those rainy or cold days where you can’t enjoy the real thingCreative Childe magazine 2008 creative Toy AwardSet includes 10 10 x2-inch sandbox, 20 20 inch no mess play mat, ultra fine sand, Medieval Tree, Knights in Shining Armor, Cavalry Horses, Fire Breathing Dragon, Castle with Draw Bridge and Moat, Grooming Rake, Shovel, Pail and Large Rock

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