NERF Elite 2.0 Shockwave RD-15 Blaster, 30 Darts, 15-Dart Rotating D

Pump-Action Priming And Slam Fire Action: Fire 1 Dart At A Time From This Pump-Action Blaster, Or Unleash All 15 Darts Rapidly With Slam-Fire Action.
Build Out Your Arsenal: Find Other Great Nerf Blasters To Build Out Your Arsenal..
Fires Darts Up To 90 Feet (27 Meters): Go The Distance With This Blaster That Fires Darts Up To 90 Feet (27 Meters).
Includes 30 Nerf Darts: Comes With 30 Official Nerf Darts To Fully Load The 15-Dart Rotating Drum — And 15 More Darts For Reloading. Features Slam-Fire Action To Fire All 15 Darts Fast!.


UPGRADE-READY BLASTER: Customize the blaster by adding accessories to the 3 tactical rails, barrel attachment point, and stock attachment point (stock and barrel extension not included)INCLUDES 30 NERF DARTS: Comes with 30 Official Nerf darts to fully load the 15-dart rotating drum — and 15 more darts for reloading. Features slam-fire action to fire all 15 darts fast!PUMP-ACTION PRIMING AND SLAM FIRE ACTION: Fire 1 dart at a time from this pump-action blaster, or unleash all 15 darts rapidly with slam-fire actionFIRES DARTS UP TO 90 FEET (27 METERS): Go the distance with this blaster that fires darts up to 90 feet (27 meters)BUILD OUT YOUR ARSENAL: Find other great Nerf blasters to build out your arsenal.

D-Dart Tempest V2 Review | Blaster Hub

· Ease of use definitely trumps the loss of one dart. After all, you still have 27 darts! The blaster has a simple on/off switch in front (no rev trigger to speak of), and a fire button that feeds current to the drum rotation motor. Unless you’re really fast, this is a blaster that’s easier left on during use than trying to flip it on and off …

Dart Zone Quickfire 8 Review | Blaster Hub

· Now, in 2021, you can find the newest waffle darts (“chili darts” seems to be the community consensus) packaged with the blasters. Blaster operation is largely the same as before. Pull back the slide to prime, and the plunger rod will stick out the back. Press the trigger, and you will first fire the dart, then rotate the cylinder.

Dart Zone Pro MkIII Review | Blaster Hub

· The blaster advertises 150fps, and on eight AA, it can actually do that! Performance will vary among dart types and lengths, but of the common ones on shelves, I got: Pro 2.0 short: 148fps average. Pro 2.0 long: 155fps average. Dart Zone Max: 144fps average. Adventure Force Pro: 142fps average.

Dart Zone Tomahawk 60 Review | Blaster Hub

· The blaster requires 6 AA batteries to operate. Blaster Use and Performance. Performance is quite impressive, with an average of 93fps with the included red diamond darts (“chili darts”). Rate of fire, however, does suffer a bit. the stiff trigger pull to rotate the drum slows you down, but two to three darts per second is still possible …

Ryan’s Dart Tag Ryan vs Combo Panda Pack Review | Blaster Hub

· First, we’ll get one thing out of the way: the line comes with its own darts! They’re the same length as any standard dart from Nerf, Dart Zone, etc. The ones I had on hand averaged 1.12g each. The heads are, aside from an empty space in the middle, made of soft rubber and quite compressible. They also have an interesting tri-lobed mold.

NERF Elite 2.0 Commander Blaster for under $9!

· The NERF Elite 2.0 Commander RD-6 Blaster, 12 Official Darts, 6-Dart Rotating Drum, Tactical Rails, Barrel and Stock Attachment Points (regularly $13.99) is on sale for $9.98 with an additional $.99 coupon to clip – making it $8.99!. …

NERF Elite 2.0 Commander Blaster for under $8!

The NERF Elite 2.0 Commander RD-6 Blaster, 12 Official Darts, 6-Dart Rotating Drum, Tactical Rails, Barrel and Stock Attachment Points (regularly $12.99) is on sale for $7.79! Last time I posted this, it was around $8 – so this is a better sale! …

Where Roots And Wings Entwine: Encourage kids to get …

· This epic gun has a 6 dart auto-rotating barrel plus storage for 6 more on top. So that kids can be locked and loaded ready for battling dinos the blaster comes with 16 darts. Providing maximum performance the blaster is quick and accurate so that you can have extreme shots when under attack from fearsome dinosaurs and fire darts up to 90ft!

NASA Just Launched a Spacecraft That Will Crash Into an …

· The sound of the darts hitting the robots is a faint *clink* that I’d be lying if I said didn’t sound a little like how a real nerf dart sounds when hitting something metal but these are supposed to be laser darts so that sound doesn’t even make sense in the context of the game.

Nerf Legends Review: Nerf or Nothing? – Rongo

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