New Bounce Bouncing Balls for Kids – Set of 4 Marbleized Bouncy Ball

Perfect Size – The 8.5 Inch Size Is Just Small Enough For Little Kids To Grab, But Big Enough To Not Roll Under The Couch. Even Adults Will Love To Play With These. Awesome For Throwing, Bouncing, Playing, Catching Both Indoors And Outdoors..
Lifetime Warranty – We Work Very Hard To Ensure That They Only Carry Top Of The Line Products. However, If You Have Any Issue With The Bouncing Ball For Kids At Any Time, Please Contact Our Friendly Customer Service Team, And We Will Be Sure To Resolve Any Issue Right Away..
Inflate In Seconds: The Pack Comes Complete With 2 Pins And A Convenient Pump To Help You Inflate The Balls, Whenever In Need. Keep The Extra Pin Handy As An Emergency Backup For Mischievous Kids That Misplace Them Often And Keep The Game Going! So What Are You Still Waiting For? Order Yours Today And Let The Fun Begin!.
Made To Last: Are You Fed Up With Poor Quality Balls That Fall Apart Easily? Do You Need A Set Of Durable Playground Balls That Will Stand Up To Literally Anything? We’Ve Got You Covered! Each Bouncy Ball Is Made From Top Quality Thermoplastic Rubber It Is Strong, Durable And Safe For Kids And Pets. Bpa Free And Dishwasher Safe (Just Deflate Before Washing)..


LET THE GAMES BEGIN! Perfect for highly active children and endless hours of play, these inflatable marbleized playground balls are the best way to keep your young ones entertained. Whether for home, school, outdoor activities, parties and festive events, these durable 8.5″ balls make perfect prizes and rewards and are great for outdoor or indoor play.MADE TO LAST: Are you fed up with poor quality balls that fall apart easily? Do you need a set of durable playground balls that will stand up to literally anything? We ve got you covered! Each bouncy ball is made from top quality thermoplastic rubber it is strong, durable and safe for kids and pets. BPA free and dishwasher safe (just deflate before washing).PERFECT SIZE – The 8.5 inch size is just small enough for little kids to grab, but big enough to not roll under the couch. Even adults will love to play with these. Awesome for throwing, bouncing, playing, catching both indoors and outdoors.INFLATE IN SECONDS: The pack comes complete with 2 pins and a convenient pump to help you inflate the balls, whenever in need. Keep the extra pin handy as an emergency backup for mischievous kids that misplace them often and keep the game going! So what are you still waiting for? Order yours today and let the fun begin!LIFETIME WARRANTY – We work very hard to ensure that they only carry top of the line products. However, if you have any issue with the bouncing ball for kids at any time, please contact our friendly customer service team, and we will be sure to resolve any issue right away.

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· Set a bunch of small bouncy balls or ball pit balls in a corner of a room where the kids cannot see them. Give half of the children 1 ball each. Ask the kids who have a ball to give/throw their ball to someone who does not have a ball. Ask the kids who just received balls to give their ball to someone else who does not have a ball.

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· a kickball (or any ball, really) large hoop or something to make a circle (i.e. rope, etc.) How to play: Lay the large hoop on the ground and kick the ball high into the air. As soon as it lands its first bounce, make haste to catch it. Whoever grabs the ball first must race to touch the ball down in the circle on the ground before being tagged.

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