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Static-Free Comms: When You’Re Out On An Adventure You Need Clear Communication With Your Rescue Team At All Times! These Mid Range Walkie-Talkies Work At Approx 1000Ft With Crystal Clear Sound So You Can Stay In Total Contact!.
Where Fun Meets Performance: Ekids Is Committed To The Safe And Responsible Design Of Quality Kids Toys And Electronics – And Recognized As A Leader In Cutting Edge Kids Technology, And Electronic Merchandise.
Strong And Flexible: It Can Get A Bit Rough On A Rescue Mission, And We Know Marshall Can Be A Little Clumsy! So We Built Your Walkie Talkies Strong, And With A Flexible Antenna In Case You Drop It In The Line Of Duty!.
Unique Sculpted Design: Two Walkie-Talkies Shaped Like A Police Communicator! One Sculpted With Police Pup Chase And The Other Firefighter Marshall! Which Hero Are You?.


PAW PATROL TO THE RESCUE! Chase is on the case! Push the button, and send a message to your rescue team! Tell them where they need to go and what to do to save the day! And Marshall! Make sure you let the patrol know you re A-ok!UNIQUE SCULPTED DESIGN: Two walkie-talkies shaped like a police communicator! One sculpted with Police Pup Chase and the other Firefighter Marshall! Which hero are you?STATIC-FREE COMMS: When you re out on an adventure you need clear communication with your rescue team at all times! These mid range walkie-talkies work at approx 1000ft with crystal clear sound so you can stay in total contact!STRONG AND FLEXIBLE: It can get a bit rough on a rescue mission, and we know Marshall can be a little clumsy! So we built your walkie talkies strong, and with a flexible antenna in case you drop it in the line of duty!WHERE FUN MEETS PERFORMANCE: eKids is committed to the safe and responsible design of quality kids toys and electronics and recognized as a leader in cutting edge kids technology, and electronic merchandise

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· * Adventure time: Whether on a camping excursion or a backyard safari, kids can add excitement to any adventure by using walkie-talkies. The kid-safe KidiGo Walkie Talkies have a 650-foot range …

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· 10 Ch 16-Mile Walkie Talkie 2-Way Radios – Part Number CX112 by Cobra. This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. Includes three radios, belt clips, rechargeable battery packs, desktop charger, AC adapter and owner’s manual. Cobra CXT1035 FLT Camo Walkie Talkies. 9.99.

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· Kids Ping Pong Light enough to be transported easily, this ping pong table is sure to be a favorite with friends! 6. Walkie Talkie Set What kid doesn’t love a walkie talkie? These are perfect for taking around the block, playing with neighbors, …

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· “To clean our toy room, we use play walkie-talkies and pretend we’re cleaning elves. While we tidy, we talk to each other like secret spies.” — Ashley Peden Van Bakel, Bradford, ON. “No kids allowed! Spring cleaning is just for me. It’s an opportunity to have some time to myself and get a whole lot of junk purged from our house.”

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· Classic Legos Set ($23.99) – if your kids are just getting into Legos, this is the perfect set to start with before graduating to more themed/elaborate sets. Dino/Spaceship Pop-It Set of 2 ($12.95) Walkie Talkie Set ($31.96) – comes in green camo or blue camo. You get two walkie talkies and two bracelets with compasses and whistles.

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· The second thing that really impressed me was this set of walkie talkies. It says they have a range of up to 2 miles, although we haven’t tested it that far yet, and it also has a keypad lock, headphone jack, and built-in flashlight. My daughter and I had some fun testing them out while they were playing in the backyard, and they seemed to work …

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· On Sunday we went online to order the walkie talkies and saw to our amazement that there was a flash sale on those exact walkie talkies for just a few hours! What HP and what a happy boy! From Devora Leah Lein. It was our first trip out of KC this year when we decided to accept an invitation from our children living in Chicago to come for Shavuot.

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· During Season 1, the boys use TRC-214 walkie-talkies to check in from bedroom to bedroom, or bedroom to Upside Down hellscape. But those very expensive walkie-talkies weren’t available to buy until 1985, and the first season takes place in 1983.

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· Build a Robot with Python. To create a robot with Python using the turtle module in Python. I’ll start by writing a function that will draw rectangles. I will draw rectangles of different sizes using this function and at the end, I will put all the parts of the rectangle together to build the body of the robot.


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