New The Floor is Lava Kids Games Interactive Game for Kids – Party G

Boost Their Imagination Children Love Nothing More Than Using Their Imagination, And Don’T Worry, They Will Be The First To Tell You If You End Up In The Hot Lava!.
Promotes Physical Activity – Quick And Easy Game! Engage With Your Children In Imaginative Play That Gets Everyone Off Their Screens, And Into The Volcanic Jungle!.
What’S Included? 20 Floor Tiles *Safe Eva Foam 40 Card Challenge Deck 1 Spinner 16 Bracelets *Natural Silicone 1 Instruction Booklet, 2 Game Modes.
Test Your Balance And Problem-Solving Skills By Working Your Way Through The Forbidden Fire Lands! Earn Bracelets By Solving The Tiki Challenges After Safely Landing On The Tiles Without Touching The Floor… Because It’S Lava! The Last Survivor, Or The First Person To Get All 4 Bracelets Wins!.


LET’S AMP UP THE ACTION AND MAKE FAMILY TIME AN ADVENTURE! 2 game modes included game for kids ages 4-8 and also game for kids ages 8-12TEST YOUR BALANCE AND PROBLEM-SOLVING SKILLS by working your way through the forbidden fire lands! Earn bracelets by solving the Tiki challenges after safely landing on the tiles without touching the floor because it s lava! The last survivor, or the first person to get all 4 bracelets wins!BOOST THEIR IMAGINATION Children love nothing more than using their imagination, and don t worry, they will be the FIRST to tell you if you end up in the hot lava!WHAT S INCLUDED? 20 floor tiles *safe EVA foam 40 card challenge deck 1 spinner 16 bracelets *Natural Silicone 1 Instruction booklet, 2 game modesPROMOTES PHYSICAL ACTIVITY – Quick and easy game! Engage with your children in imaginative play that gets everyone off their screens, and into the volcanic jungle!

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