NINJAGO Cole Earth Dragon EVO Playset: Upgradable Toy Figure for Kids, Battle with Scorpion Creature

This feature-packed NINJAGO playset is sure to captivate your youngsters. At the heart of the set lies Cole, a detailed Earth Dragon EVO figure that can be upgraded for increased playtime excitement. Kids can experience the thrill of the battle as Cole takes on the formidable Scorpion creature.

Each set is designed to challenge kids’ creative skills and stimulate their imaginations. The action-filled playset encourages youngsters to create their own NINJAGO adventures, building narratives around their favourite characters. Easy to assemble, kids can quickly immerse themselves in the action, providing hours of fun.

A perfect present for both boys and girls, this playset guarantees satisfaction for any child who loves adventure and fantasy. With its vibrant colours, intricate details, and engaging features, this playset sets the stage for a thrilling battle every time.

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