NINJAGO Zane’s Power Mech EVO: Cobra Kids’ Action Figure Snake Toy Minifigure Collection Mission Banner

Bringing imagination to life, NINJAGO Zane’s Power Mech EVO sets the stage for endless adventures. The set features the incredible Zane minifigure and a daunting Cobra snake toy, allowing young ninjas to recreate the exciting NINJAGO missions. Enhance your child’s playtime with action-packed battles, epic Mech vs. Cobra showdowns and much more.

In addition to providing imaginative play, this set makes for an excellent addition to any action figure collection. Assembled with an exquisite eye for detail, each minifigure embodies the vibrant character of Zane and the menacing aura of the Cobra. The included mission banner is a perfect piece of memorabilia to treasure the daring exploits of Zane and his ninja companions.

This set opens a new window to the NINJAGO universe, allowing kids to interact with their favourite characters and participate in their electrifying missions. The captivating designs and character accuracy promise to transport any young ninja into the heat of NINJAGO battles, whilst also fostering their creativity and storytelling abilities. Let the adventures commence!

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