ODELA Spinning Toy Premium Stacking Toy for Kids – One Year Old St

Engaging Toys: The Spin Stacker Toy Comes With A Durable Purple Base And A Spiral Pole That Your Child Can Use To Spin The Discs Down To The Ground. The 6 Discs Have 2 Colors And Can Be Spined Either Way. The Base Can Be Flipped Too, So Your Tower Can Be Sturdy Or Wobbly..
Lovely Present: Get The Amazing Spinning Toys For Toddlers For A Curious Kid Who Never Stops Having Fun. The Spin Toys For Kids Can Be Used By Girls And Boys Ages 1 And Up And Can Become A Great Family Activity Where Everyone Can Bond..
Learning Is Fun: The Spin Toy For Toddlers Is Not Only Fun And Engaging, But It Doubles As A Great Learning Toy For The Little Ones. By Playing With These Spinning Blocks, Your Little One Can Improve His Or Her Hand-Eye Coordination, Cause And Effect Learning, Dexterity, And Fine Motor Skills. Toddlers Can Also Practice Color Recognition And Tactile Exploration..
Made To Last: This Spinner Stacking Toy Is Made Of Robust And Durable Abs Plastic That Will Pass The Test Of Time. The Odela Stacking Toy For Kids Is Bpa-Free And Has Passed Rigorous Safety Toys To Ensure A Great Playing Environment For Your Child..


For your Little Angel: The Odela spin stacking toy is a new and innovative concept designed for smart and curious toddlers who are always ready to have some fun! The stacking toys for girls and boys are a colorful and practical tool that allows the little ones to learn while spending some great time away from technology and screens.Made to Last: This spinner stacking toy is made of robust and durable ABS plastic that will pass the test of time. The Odela stacking toy for kids is BPA-free and has passed rigorous safety toys to ensure a great playing environment for your child.Engaging Toys: The spin stacker toy comes with a durable purple base and a spiral pole that your child can use to spin the discs down to the ground. The 6 discs have 2 colors and can be spined either way. The base can be flipped too, so your tower can be sturdy or wobbly.Learning is Fun: The spin toy for toddlers is not only fun and engaging, but it doubles as a great learning toy for the little ones. By playing with these spinning blocks, your little one can improve his or her hand-eye coordination, cause and effect learning, dexterity, and fine motor skills. Toddlers can also practice color recognition and tactile exploration.Lovely Present: Get the amazing spinning toys for toddlers for a curious kid who never stops having fun. The spin toys for kids can be used by girls and boys ages 1 and up and can become a great family activity where everyone can bond.

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