Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue, Rubble s Ultimate Rescue Bulldozer with

Connect And Play: Rubble’s Ultimate Rescue Bulldozer Connects With Any Ultimate Rescue Mini Vehicle! Attach Rubble’s Bulldozer To Skye’S Mini Helicopter Or Marshall’S Mini Fire Cart And Take Off As A Team.
Includes: 1 Rubble Figure, 1 Ultimate Rescue Bulldozer.
Ultimate Rescue Rubble’s Bulldozer Is A Great Gift For Kids Aged 3 And Up. Collect All The Pups’ Ultimate Rescue Vehicles And Go On An Action Packed Adventure.
Room For 2 Pups: Load Up To Two Of Your Favorite Ultimate Rescue Pups (1 Rubble Figure Included) Into Rubble’s Bulldozer And Take Off Across Adventure Bay.


Bulldozer toy with moving scoop: Rubble on the double! Join Rubble on his bulldozer, equipped with working wheels, a moving scoop and dumperRoom for 2 Pups: load up to two of your favorite ultimate rescue Pups (1 Rubble figure included) into Rubble’s bulldozer and take off across adventure bayConnect and play: Rubble’s ultimate rescue bulldozer connects with any ultimate rescue mini vehicle! Attach Rubble’s bulldozer to Skye s mini helicopter or marshall s mini fire cart and take off as a teamUltimate rescue Rubble’s bulldozer is a great gift for kids aged 3 and up. Collect all the pups ultimate rescue vehicles and go on an action packed adventureIncludes: 1 Rubble figure, 1 ultimate rescue bulldozer

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