Peppa Pig Baking with Peppa Roleplay Set, 7 Pieces – Includes Chef’s

Inspires Imagination And Play! The Baking With Peppa Pig Set Is Perfect For Playing Dress Up. Kids Will Feel Like They Are In The Kitchen With Peppa!.
Officially Licensed Peppa Pig Merchandise. For Ages 2 And Up..
Makes A Great Gift For Young Boys And Girls Who Love Peppa Pig! The World Of Peppa Collection Is Filled With Oinktastic Figures, Vehicles, Plush And More! Grow Your Collection Today!.
The 7 Piece Playset Has Everything They Need To Make Something Wonderful, Including A Chef’S Hat, Oven Mitts, Spoon, Baking Tray, Bowl And Cupcakes! The Oven Mitts And Chef’S Hat Are Specially Designed To Fit Little Heads And Hands!.


Cook and Bake with Peppa! The Baking with Peppa Pig Roleplay set for kids is based the popular Nick Jr. show!The 7 piece playset has everything they need to make something wonderful, including a chef s hat, oven mitts, spoon, baking tray, bowl and cupcakes! The oven mitts and chef s hat are specially designed to fit little heads and hands!Inspires imagination and play! The Baking with Peppa Pig set is perfect for playing dress up. Kids will feel like they are in the kitchen with Peppa!Makes a great gift for young boys and girls who love Peppa Pig! The World of Peppa collection is filled with oinktastic figures, vehicles, plush and more! Grow your collection today!Officially licensed Peppa Pig merchandise. For ages 2 and up.

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