Perler Beads Ocean Buddies Ocean Bead Activity Crafts for Kids, 2400

This Easy Kid’s Craft Comes With 3 Unique Perler Pegboard Shapes: An Octopus, A Fish, And A Dolphin!.
Ocean Animal Perler Bead Kid’s Activity Kit Suitable For Ages 6 And Up..
Use The Included Reusable Ironing Paper And Perler Pegboards With A Household Iron To Fuse Beads Together And Complete Your Craft!.
This Perler Bead Activity Kit Includes Fun Perler Bead Colors Like Purple Glitter, Toothpaste, And Parrot Green, To Create One-Of-A-Kind Ocean Animal Perler Projects!.


Includes (2400) beads, (3) pegboards, (1) ironing paper, (1) pattern sheet with easy instructions.This Perler bead activity kit includes fun Perler bead colors like purple glitter, toothpaste, and parrot green, to create one-of-a-kind ocean animal Perler projects!This easy kid’s craft comes with 3 unique Perler pegboard shapes: an octopus, a fish, and a dolphin!Use the included reusable ironing paper and Perler pegboards with a household iron to fuse beads together and complete your craft!Ocean animal Perler bead kid’s activity kit suitable for ages 6 and up.

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